2 years ago 

Those are called Bleeding Hearts and are just coming into season now. They are one of the first spring flowers to bloom after the daffodils, of course.

How is your son today? xoxo

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words and a little #Steemitlove!


Wooow! 😍 "Bleeding Hearts," what an appropriate name! ❤

My son is better now. So far, he didn't have a fever for more than 12 hrs now. And is bubbly and talkative as ever. 😂 Thank you for asking, Denise. And thanks for the prayers too. 😘

How's Covid-19 in your place?

Have a beautiful week ahead. ❤

 2 years ago 

Multiplying and dividing. They have closed major places and limited travel, but, I think it was too little too late. But, not panicking. I know things will be fine, just take more time.

So, it will run its course and God Bless us All.

Glad to hear that your son is doing well. Little kids are so resilient! Take care of YOU too!!!

A wonderful week ahead to you! ❤

I see. Glad that everything is in control. Here it's still in control too. (I just don't know if the government is keeping it from public so as to avoid panic. But hopefully they are not.) Major cities are in lockdown. Our city is not in total lockdown, but are checking the temperature of everyone entering the city. Hopefully, it can help. Because they say that the first few days, a patient can be asymptomatic. 😢😰

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