I had an "Inception" moment last night and wonder if you ever have as well

So I dream a lot and even when the dreams are scary, I really enjoy it. It is one of my favorite parts of sleeping even if the dream results in me waking up screaming. It is like a free movie where I control the action. I frequently realize that I am dreaming while I am in said dream and then I do whatever I want with impunity, other times I get to visit friends and relatives who have long since passed away.

I dig em and am happy that my imagination is strong enough to get them almost nightly.


However, last night I had a situation that as far as I know has never happened before. I had a dream inside of a dream just like in the film Inception and it was kind of freaky. The way it worked was that in the first dream I was in a room where I thought I was alone and then an attractive girl was in that room with me, turns out it was one of my ex girlfriends, the only problem was that she was not nice...she was demonic and disfigured and possessed or something and she, like most evil things in dreams, wanted to harm me.


I don't know why I am able to identify this so often in my dreams but while i was scared in the dream i started saying "you're not real, you're not real, you're not real!" and then I did what I thought was waking up. Then my parents, apparently hearing me shout out while sleeping came into the room, as did one of my siblings, and also a couple of really good friends from when I lived in Thailand. We talked about my crazy dream for a while and there were some very Thailand-ish things going on outside of my bedroom window as well. It took me a while to realize the impossibility of all of these people being in the same place at the same time because one of my parents has never been to Thailand and another one of them passed away some time ago. This time it took me a little bit longer to realize it but I was able to put the pieces together and realize that this too was also a dream. Then I woke up.


In all of my life I don't recall this "dream inside of a dream" ever happening and while the first part started out quite scary I got over it pretty quickly with the assistance of my friends and family, who were also a dream. When I woke up the 2nd time, it was only the presence of my dog on my bed next to me that assured me that this was not also another stage of the dream. However, there is no reason why she couldn't become part of the dream as well so while this sounds a bit silly, I actually got up and wandered around my condo for a little while to confirm that I wasn't still dreaming.

Thanks little buddy!

I ended up having several other dreams last night as well, one of which was even scarier than the first one because I was a teacher in Thailand again in one of them - which was a job I absolutely hated.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? The power of the mind is so amazing to me and if you have had some crazy dream stories. I'd like to talk about it in the comments!