While starting to pack up the morning live stream I was singing (as usual)... 😊 💚

Why not press play again and share? This is such a beautiful Mantra focused on the divine great teacher in all and the gentle strength and brilliance in genuine compassion.... play, listen, sing, feel... see how it flows in your body 💚 .... and If you'd like a summary of the meaning here you go:

  • Shankara - Life force, unchanging, limitless, silence, connectedness and self awareness - Shiva.
  • Karunakara - Compassion - warmth, caring.
  • Jagadeeswara - Lord of the universe, life, divinity, all things.
  • Parameshwara - Supreme excellence - supreme teacher in all things.

💚 💚 💚 🙏 💚 💚 💚