A Short Rant: Platform Incentives - "To Follow or not to Follow, that is the question…"

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Am I missing something here? Other than mission XTM, boosting your ego and possible future influencer status, what other tangible rewards result from habitual "quid pro quo following" - especially at this nascent stage of the platform?

I mean, is it worth it to play "tag, you're it!" with follows and following? What happens when all the people you follow end up in your future "feed" - reading list?

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IMHO, the culling of names from a bloated following list is a big pain in the ass. And it will piss off some people and emotionally scar others.

One time, after removing a non-active Steemian from my follow list, she instantly became "active" again - by trolling and stalking me everywhere online!

Just saying...

In lak'ech, JaiChai



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