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This is not my first bull run, so what I'm about to say might seem odd to the majority here on Torum - a relatively new and young group of crypto enthusiasts.

It's a great time for all cryptophants.

The fervor of the times is perfect for this crypto social media super app. And us early adopters should feel lucky to have come here and participate.

^image by ekithimatin

I've tolerated snide remarks and avoidance behavior from normies since way before this Bull Run. If this is your first time having friends and relatives asking you about crypto, please be kind. We've all been at Ground Zero before.

The altcoin season awaits us in 2021. Plan your strategies now, so you can operate from a clear, business mindset, instead of from FOMO, greed or any other emotional state.

In trading and investing, you are your own worst enemy. Failing to plan is by default "a plan to fail".

Who knows?

This may be the peak or just a plateau. Either way, it's not a bad idea to take a portion of your harvesting now and prepare for the next inevitable crypto winter.

Yes, have fun being the grasshopper; but don't neglect the wisdom of the ant.

In lak'ech, JaiChai.


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