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Shock now abated, let's take off the shoes escape reality for awhile! Writing is therapeutic, walking the beach even more so!


No, I am not going to tell you about the reading, research and upset caused by sale of Steemit, nor speak of the Corona virus, the rolling black-outs we are once more enduring, not even the roller coaster ride of bitcoin over that past couple of weeks, enough already. There is always a time when one must switch off, accept what is happening and deal with the knock-on effects in the best way possible.


Feeling the heat from more than one direction, this summer we have had some hellish hot days, planning a beach walk preferably after some rain with no wind before the sun gets unbearably hot. Rain makes the sand easier to walk on, don't feel like a sand blasting when wind picks up, enjoy walking barefoot without scorching the soles of your feet, always method in madness in timing.


We arrived on the beach to beautiful Ipomoea pes-caprae, also known as bayhops, beach morning glory or goat's foot in flower reclaiming the dunes this plant has adapted quickly where massive dune erosion occurred about fifteen years ago (natural event from full moon and spring tide coinciding).


Closer to the river you notice patches of Arctotheca populifolia, or Beach Pumpkin, Beach Daisy, Coast Capeweed a pretty silver leaf with yellow flowers which were not flowering at the moment. These grow into clumps of plants on dunes in extremely sandy conditions.


Zigzag at full tilt, an extremely excited 4-legged friend, six foot forward, half a dozen back again, oops forgot to smell that bush. We try avoid walking on the dune vegetation so as not to cause damage to plants, of late walking dogs on a leash only is permitted, one does tend to get led astray. Animals don't really care about human rules, (actually I think they have fun off leash), it's all about where his nose takes them.


Recent rains have washed down trees, sugar cane and human trash. Take a look what do you see?


Little White-fronted Plovers in between the driftwood are well camouflaged, slowly I zoomed in to show you these two little birds together enjoying the morning, then a real zoom in to show you how pretty this little bird is. No you would normally not notice them standing absolutely still blending in with their surroundings not drawing attention to themselves.



White-fronted Plover (Charadrius marginatus), usually seen in pairs or small flocks, the White-fronted Plover is a small (50g, wingspan 40cm) wading bird inhabiting mudflats, sandy beaches, and the shorelines of estuaries, large lakes and rivers, where it feeds on worms, snails, insects and crustaceans.

White-fronted Plovers nest in shallow scrapes in the sand, often quite exposed and usually far above the high-water mark. Pairs are monogamous and often stay together, in the same area, for many years. Nesting has been recorded throughout the year, but there is a definite peak in the spring and summer. Clutches consist of 1-3 eggs and are incubated by both parents for around a month. When threatened at the nest, the parents will cover the eggs with sand before fleeing. The precocious chicks feed themselves from birth and fledge when they are about 6 weeks old. Source


After the river we went to the sea, Woody did not enjoy the waves on his first visits down on the beach, today was the day he braved it venturing into the water (brown from rivers washing down), hoping this is the start of something good for the winter months when more leisure time is enjoyed on our gorgeous shores.


Leaving for home the wind starting up and almost eleven o'clock, packed up with a bag of plastics found on the beach for the refuse bin supplied near the entrance we moved on up. A lovely walk, much needed with the bombardment of events happening.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday Walk (or any day), stay safe, find places to enjoy life not fear the unknown all the time, whatever comes around the next corner we face it, deal with it in the best manner possible.


Missing in action for over a week (quietly supporting all the time), I am playing catchup on a post sharing new hive information from SteemPeak.

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All photography is my own using a Canon PowerShot SC730 HS, resized for easier loading, writing is my own.

All photography is my own using a Canon PowerShot SC730 HS, resized for easier loading, writing is my own.

Thought for Today "The river does not move straight because it is alone." - African Proverb

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Lovely Wednesday walk @joanstewart, we're so enjoying the cooler nights here in the Western Cape, back to hot and humid Durbs tomorrow! Despite all the bad things happening in the world today, we still have so much to be thankful for not so, we live in a beautiful world;)

 last year 

Yes with all these unknown's good you got away at the right time, signs of autumn starting to arrive slowly. Travel safely, good to hear you enjoyed your time away.

Beautiful post, pics and a pleasant read. Hope this post gets more attention. Until then, have a !BEER !trdovoter and !giphy ocean

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Thanks Justin, so glad to see you actively participating in #PHC community. Have an awesome day appreciate the visit.

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Walking along beaches is one of the best therapeutics ever ^^ This actually is a really beautiful one, and looks so diverse with its beautiful greens and feathered visitors ;) .. Just the trash can be a little bit annoying hahaha .. Have a nice rest of the week down there !

 last year 

One of our quiet beaches where dogs are still allowed. Trash comes from in-land after heavy rains this was actually relatively clean compared to some visits. Thanks for visiting and kind comment.

I envy you your beach walk! We all need to be shutting the door on the chaos and getting away into nature to keep things balanced. Great shot of that little Plover!
Thanks for including #featheredfriends in your catching up post! 😘 !tip

 last year 

Little Plovers are lovely to watch, these two were higher up the beach which makes me think they were possibly looking for somewhere to build a nest. Appreciate your visit and hopefully soon life will stabilize a little more.

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Nice environment. When I was at the seaside, I felt like a grain of sand on the beach. At the same time I felt a sense of belonging to everything around me :-)

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 last year 

Being on the beach most definitely allows one to feel at one with nature, not often we go down during hot months.

I feel refreshed after viewing all these beautiful shots

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

 last year 

Needed to clear the head, turned into a nice quiet walk.

Its good to get out and clear ones head now and again

have a great day

What a beautiful place @joanstewart Walking on the beach with bare feet is the richest thing there is.Too bad that people do not take care of those places and dirty them. You live in a nice place.

 last year 

Dirt washes down the rivers, lots of education needed on cleanliness, removal of plastic from our lives...

 last year 

Beautiful pics - it's nice seeing a beach in a natural setting and not covered with humanity, lol.

 last year 

The most humanity you get down on this beach are dog owners and fishermen not being a swimming beach which makes it most pleasant Tammy.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thanks for visiting @Steemitbloggers

That is the perfect way to shut off i did the same today only i walk ed along the a river we all need to do that in the current circumstances 👍

 last year 

Walk along river is also enjoyable, always take whatever option is available to let yourself go....

So true have a great day @joanstewart 😊

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

 last year 

Thanks @qurator appreciated.

Lovely shots Joan. The beaches there are gorgeous and seem to go on forever.

Nice closeup of the little plover bird.

It’s sad to see garbage blown on this paradise. Glad you help the environment by gathering it up.

I hope your weather cools down.

 last year 

Our beaches do go on forever, with many not over crowded even during holiday season.

Little Plovers are regular little visitors, sometimes see them all year round.

Plastic washed down from inland is an ongoing problem we always take dirt off our beaches. Have seen worse from ships passing, dumping nappies and other trash out to sea.

Oh how wonderful to be able to walk in the sands by the seas! Never thought that the sand would be sizzling hot to walk on - foreign to me!
The morning glory is beautiful and lovely to see the plants reclaiming the dunes!
Wonderful photos of the plover!
Loved your #Wednesdaywalk!
Thanks for sharing!

 last year 

Stay too long/late, you will quickly learn how to do the Highland Fling to get off sand quickly.

Pleasantly surprised that our sea dunes are slowly coming back with plant life, a lot of effort has been put in by private citizens to try restore the beaches.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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 last year 

Thank You #PHC

 last year 

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I read somewhere that the virus can't take heat.

These photos are really nice, and I love that you feature yet another of our fine-feathered friends I've never seen before... and what cuties they are!

 last year 

Oh the virus has arrived, really hope they contain it soon.

Little plovers are lovely to watch running up and down the shoreline feeding, these two may have been looking for a place to nest.

Thanks for visiting and kind comment.

Ah the beach how I miss you so. Indeed walking down the beach is very therapeutic. It calms the soul and rejuvenates the body. That's a lot of sugar cane that washed down there. Is the sugar cane field anywhere near the area?

 last year 

Sugar cane covers the hills all around us (before development arrived), something we are very careful is not to allow it into the garden, truly a weed!

Beaches and lagoons are always fun to get to, we have a few special places to enjoy safely when a few of us go down together.

The place looks amazing!

 last year 

Thanks for visiting.

It's a beautiful place, the pictures were something magical that made me sigh.

 last year 

Open spaces always give us a feeling of magic.

 last year 

That driftwood, omg that is so much and would make amazing stuff when I could be there picking it up with the kids and make wind chimes. Love it, and that weather I am jealous here is raining so hard.

 last year 

You would have a lot of fun, we have used driftwood in many features over the years along with sea shells.

Very large logs local residents on occasion get permission to go down to remove for furniture which is in high demand.

Summer is coming soon to you, imagine all the pretty flowers greeting you when the rains clear.

 last year 

Aw man, that's making me look so forward to getting back to the beach this year. Hopefully soon!

 last year 

Beach definitely offers everyone something, always special to get down there.

Gorgeous pictures, good thing you stay away from all the fear and drama!


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 last year 

Had to escape, too much happening in last month. Nature rules... Thanks for visiting and kind comment.

 last year 

Oh that looks like a lovely walk. The plovers are sooo cute, love the info you provided about them and the photos. Thanks for cleaning up the beach! And for showing us this uplifting post.

 last year 

We live on a wonderful world, always enjoy sharing. Glad this lifted your spirits as much as it did me.

We have a type of Plover here too. The are so cute and their legs move so very fast. They hide their nests very well too. Almost darn near impossible to find them. I loved your post today!!

 last year 

All the years we have walked the beach I have only ever once seen a nest of eggs in the sand, they are well hidden. Thanks for visiting and enjoying.

What a beautiful beach walk @joanstewart! The beach is definitely calling me now, lol Aren't the Plovers fun to watch? So dainty, prancing through the water, I love watching them. I'm sure your dogs couldn't wait to hit the water, between the many smells on the beach and the water what a wonderful day! :)

 last year 

A couple of years ago they were allowed to run free, always fun watching them zig-zagging the beach with nose to the ground. Most the dogs enjoyed swimming in the river. Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.

Howdy joanstewart! What a great selection of photos, what a peaceful scene and I can almost hear the ocean. Great shots too and that little bird is so cute!

 last year 

A good place to collect your thoughts, past weeks have been hectic. Thanks for visiting Janton.

Great photos @joanstewart 👍


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 last year 

Thanks Bruni, have a wonderful weekend.

I always love to walk on the beach, it is a pity that there are always a lot of human waste found on the beaches!!

 last year 

Not only human trash, some beaches have unsavoury types frequenting so one has to up security game all the time.

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Beautiful post, @joanstewart. The plovers are so cute and plucky! They look as if they are thinking intelligent thoughts. I'm glad to hear that things are being done to protect the dunes and shoreline. And how great of you to collect garbage while on your strolls!

 last year 

Picking up trash has become second nature over the years, too many birds being injured. Plovers are super cute when running up and down the shoreline always entertaining in one way or another.


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