Favorite Capture This Week

And what a week it's been...Lots of stress for everybody. Funny but HFs and such major changes always get me while on the road. I plan to just visit from my mobile phone and boom, something huge comes up and speaks of things never being the same again.

Change in itself is an opportunity to fix things and get better. It's also always scary.

I also learned a new word from the context of a book. A book I associate with Steem a lot. It's called The Difference Engine. Does that ring a bell? I mean, as a mental association. To me it does. I want us to be an engine that makes a difference. The potential is there. I mean...here. Capitalize on it.

One of its two writers is a person that a great part of this extended community is familiar with. William Gibson, the one with the cyberpunk. And obviously steampunk to a great degree.

The word is gullied.

Did I manage to gully the gull here?


Focal Length 200 mm, Aperture F4, Shutter Speed 1/8000 sec., ISO 400 (because of the clouds, the changing background which is light in this case but not in all cases back then when birds moved fast in front of something darker from time to time.)

Tracking Focus.

What I am happy with was capturing two of the town's symbols in one frame. I mean of Burgas. That's the name of the town. It's on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Gulls aplenty. Also, that coppery dome which is one of my favorite architectural details around there. It's not a part of a church or anything like that. It's atop an apartment building. An old one, probably about a hundred-years-old.

I believe it's recognizable to local people. To me, that shot mattered because I've wanted to get this combination for some time. I've tried being patient before. Like last year. But it did not work then.

Now it did.

Achievement unlocked.

I am happy about it.

The small victories that make us who we are. Do you find anything that relays to you here? I find a connection to lots of things in lots of aspects. Because it's all part of the same lives we live and the experience that defines us.

It did not work once? Prepare better and take another shot.

Have a great Sunday and a good week ahead! Steem on!



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Lovely shot!
I'm glad it finally worked for you to capture the gulls and the dome together and that you shared it - thank-you!
Good lesson too to keep trying, making adjustments to make it better!