Countdown 3, 2, 1 ... Steem / Hive Blockchain Split ... Go to the "Future" ...

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My final post, before the "Big Event," I am prompted to write what will likely be the shortest post I have ever written on my "journey" through the "Steemisphere."

Source: CoinGecko Exchange => Follow account @coingecko!

Up well before 🌄 (here), the first posts I saw in my feed were these:

With very limited time to look through the list which @costanza has graciously taken the time and trouble to create, I was stunned ... 😧 ... to see @steemchiller on it! 😞

Seriously!? Can any of you (who might ever read the post of a mere dolphin ...) name another Steemian who has done more to make our "journey" through the "Steemisphere" better?

Ohhh ... But wait a minute ... If he is prepared to make some sort of proposal (to who?) on the Hive blockchain, maybe this decision will be revoked?!

Unbelievable ... And this is the "future"?! Right ...



With that, I need to complete final preparations for the "Big Event." Which, I will say here and now, from the "Valentine's Day Surprise" to this morning will be talked about for a long, long time to come. In any sort of a "post mortem" effort and as a genuine, "real life" case study in what went right. And what went wrong ...

And ... I will likely have more to say about it myself, in the future. It is not in my nature to "spout off," but once I have had time to "reflect and digest" I will have more to say. And I will stand by whatever that might be ...

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Steem Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Steem Hive blockchain! 👍 😊

Steemian @roleerob

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  • This will be absolutely my last post, dear reader, before the big move to the Hive blockchain. I hope to "see" you on "the other side!"👋

    🐝 🍯 🐝

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Hello from the other side my friend!!!

Hello from the other side my friend!!!

Hello from the other side my friend!!!

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