Release and you will find peace

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Sometimes there is some sadness behind some beauty that no one understands.No one wants to understand it because they are so preoccupied with the beauty above her that they are fascinated by that beauty but no one wants to see the pain inside her.

I think behind every beauty there is a very painful story that many people do not try to find.I am a very thoughtful person so I think sometimes a little differently.Sometimes I try to find the hidden trouble and try to find a solution from there.20200615_13462601.jpegI think no one really wants to be a prisoner, everyone wants to immerse themselves in the open air.Today, when I was watching the fish in the aquarium in the shop in front of my house, my thoughts were playing in my head.
I watched the fish carefully as they ran but their smallness was confined to a small box so they could not adjust themselves well.I once told the shopkeeper why I kept these fish in captivity because he said it was my livelihood.Hearing the answer, I became a little worried.What a condition people are selling beauty to.
Whether it was a fish that could move freely in a large body of water, today it is a prisoner of a small box in the cruel irony of fate.I don’t want to enjoy any beauty by wasting anyone’s freedom. I didn't like it very much, so I left the place quickly.