And Your Mind Holds the Key

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To whoever is reading this post right now:

''I want you to know that you are wonderful and loved! Enjoy what you have - your own unique path!''

No matter what may be happening around or inside your own mind, you are in the right place at the right time. Your own actions brought you here because maybe there is something you need to hear. Or maybe you're just wasting your precious time and that's all you needed to understand. If that's so - go on to achieve your goals! But if you're still searching for something, dive with me into this one!

Your body is not a cage, it's a tool

There's this song, My Body is a Cage, and it starts like this:

''My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key''

And your mind holds the key

This is the part that I can relate to. It's my own mind that has the key to unlock the true potential of my body. Combined together, I can achieve my goals. So do you!

You have been given a body. Yes, you heard me right. You're not your body, you just own it. Or maybe it owns you. It depends on how strong and disciplined you are. But what I meant is that you are not your body. You are more than that because you are more than words can describe. You are what makes your body move, and I don't mean muscles.

Unlock your greatness

Every little thing you do leads you to the next thing. It's like a chain of events linked together to bring you right here at this time. From here you are free to go anywhere you desire. Any path you want to go is there ahead of you. Set your mind to it, take a breath and get started.

If you want to write a book, make your body write. Use your mind to do that. Win the argument in your head. Don't lie to yourself that you are going to start it later. If you don't act now, nothing's going to change. You are going to stay right where you are, putting things off for later. That's not how life works.

Later is never here. It's now. Tomorrow will never come because it will always be today. We can keep lying to ourselves by telling that tomorrow we will make a difference and it's easy to do it because deep down we know that tomorrow isn't a real deal we just choose to look the other way.

You can't unsee what you've seen

Once you wake up and see things for how they really are, you can't look the other way anymore. Those simple words you've been telling yourself have done their magic for years but now it's time to stop. It's time to break out of the spell you've put yourself under and do what needs to be done.

And I can't tell you what that is because it differs from person to person. Our dreams and perception of life are different, they're unique. What is common between us that we can both improve our lives. I can greatly improve my writing skills by being consistent and open-minded. You can improve anything that comes to your mind.

Be now

Do you ever get bored? How do you deal with it? Do you open your phone and start scrolling your life away until something better pops up? Or do you look at your surroundings and ways you can improve them? Whatever it is - it's a habit and habits make our lives.

The present moment is a gift and we must use it before this body of ours stops functioning. And we all know that is going to happen one way or another. What we do until then is what matters the most. The experiences we get and the people we meet. It makes us grow and stay in love with the universe and everlasting flow of consciousness.

Peace, Love, Gratitude

I'm thankful you read this. Even if you scrolled through - your body's a superman and it probably soaked up every sentence from A to Z. In what will it result? I have no idea but all my intentions are purely inspirational.

I love you because I am you, just as you are me, the only difference is in our bodies and experiences we have had. At the deepest level, we are both the same.

Best wishes, spellmaker.

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Inconceivably simultaneously one and different.
That is how the Vedanta philosophy describes our reality. We are one but also different.

I love it! Thank you for informing! 🌞

Magical words that rumble in me. Hug, Blessings for your life!

Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words! Have a lovely week ahead!

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I love the way your mind ticks! You are a spiritual genius.


Thank you for using such powerful words! It's amusing - the impact they have on our worlds!

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...but only if our minds let them... :P haha!

My pleasure! Was just being honest :)

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