I'M Possible, What About You?

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Words are spells. It's what I always tell. Your words are your tools to achieve anything you have on your mind. Words can encourage and words can turn blind. Words have different sounds, they vibrate in time.


The word says it itself - I'm possible. Because nothing is impossible and everything is possible. It's how you look at it that matters the most. If you think something is impossible - you're right and if you think everything is possible you are also right. In the end, it's your choice, what to focus on.


Do you know how many thoughts go through your head in one day? I didn't know it either, so I asked Google:

Thoughts come and go but they are always there. They circulate with every breath you take. What matters the most is which thoughts you focus on and which ones you let go. You're like a factory worker who needs to sort out good and bad wares on the production line.

You're sorting those thoughts that come by you. Every moment you have a choice to either work on that thought or let it go. You control the focus because you're the one behind the wheel. Your mind will work the way you set it.


Look at what's in front of you. What do you think about it? What is your first thought? Is it your computer screen? Your mobile phone? Morning coffee?

How do you perceive it? Is the computer your tool to achieve greatness? Is your mobile phone a portable library with which you can learn anything you want? Is your coffee part of your morning routine that helps you get ready for the day or are you drinking it because you can't stay awake and you're addicted to coffee?

We could both be in the same place looking at the same thing with entirely different descriptions of it in our minds. Where one sees a problem, the other sees an opportunity. It's because we set our minds working differently and it doesn't happen in one day. We get used to it and more we are used to it - the harder it is to change our thinking patterns.

Breathe in and let it go

This sentence has stayed with me since I discovered who Wim Hof is. If you don't know the Iceman, start doing your research. I can help by sharing the latest video from his channel about a survey on how his method has changed many lives.

Here's one quote from it:

''I was suffering from depression and anxiety and within 4 days from starting Wim Hof Method, 95% of that was gone. I've only had a few days where my anxiety was somewhat over normal levels. Depression is 99% gone and it's been almost two years!''

Fully in and let it go

That's the catchphrase. You take a full breath in and then let it out (not completely exhaling), you take a full breath in and then let it go. It's how you start his method and I can give you a hint - it works really well and it's scientifically approved.

Your breath is your spirit

Word spirit comes from Latin spiritus and one of its meanings is breath. You can look at it on your own on Wikipedia. If you put two plus two here, it means breathing is really important but not only does it allow you to stay alive, you can use your breath to feel alive!

We usually forget about breathing because it happens naturally but what if we could tap into our full potential just by breathing with intention? Life is a mystery and there is always something to learn. Why not learn about your body and its mysteries?

Breath in my friend because breathing means you're alive!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article!

With love, spellmaker

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Those thoughts indeed we need them and despise them some days , when we vcannot shut them off. I had fun reading and watching this blog

Thank you for your kind words!

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When good content is there it’s Needed , keep as geniune as you are a blogger, love that

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