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What an action packed week it has been here on the Steem network! We, the Power House Creatives Community launched our #mysteemstory initiative which as many of you will have noticed… temporarily snowballed both the Steem and Twitter feeds! – it really was brilliant to watch unfold!

At the time of writing this post, the count of participants was sitting at 77 Steemians (and climbing) which is fantastic! If you have not jumped on board yet… PLEASE DO! It is a great way to learn about other people's experiences on the Steem blockchain. It is also a fantastic collection of posts for newbies to read as they all act as a sort of "first hand guide" – and then last but not least it is a super fun way to play your part in promoting our fantastical blockchain! You can get all the details and instructions on how to participate toward the bottom of @jaynie's "My Steem Story" post…


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At pretty much the same time that we rolled out the MASS of “My Steem Story” posts, it was also announced that Steem communities had gone live on Steemit which was something we have ALL been waiting for, for a VERY long time!

Speaking of communities...


It would be a shame to miss an opportunity to introduce all of you to our amazing Power House Creatives members and the brilliant content they produce here on the Steem blockchain! Who are the Power House Creatives and why would subscribing to our community put a smile on your dial? Simple really...

The Power House Creatives is a community of individuals on Discord who are proactively committed to producing quality content in multiple genres. Our key focus is to embrace and nurture content producers who genuinely add value to the Steem blockchain therefore offering our subscribers a feed which is filled with an array of interesting and read worthy content.

Our discord community is incredibly active with daily initiatives, incentives and support structures. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for plagiarism and do not entertain those who are not willing to go the extra mile for the community itself as well as their fellow community members. In short - we work hard and we play hard :) but above all, we stand together as a family. If you would like to be considered for official membership you can join us on discord HERE


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If you would like to make a delegation to our Steemit Bloggers community, you can follow any of the below links




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 8 months ago 

Thanks @dswigle

 8 months ago 

!giphy proud

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 8 months ago 


Proud to be in the family and with the explosion of My Steem Story have come many acquaintances.

 8 months ago 

Thrilled to hear that hon! woohoo :D

Great news @steemitbloggers, we kicked butt. 🎊🥂🎉


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 8 months ago 

We sure did @wonderwop :D

Awesome work, so much going on!


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 8 months ago 

Thank you @fenngen :)

 8 months ago 

Thanks @fenngen :) and yes.... there IS indeed a lot going on lol! Been a crazy good week haha!

This initiative has had a lot of engagement! So cool! Keep going (: We love Steem!

 8 months ago 

It certainly has - and it just keeps going! Wonderful to see!

That was really cool the other day, and quite remarkable too! Glad to have you as leader of PHC @jaynie!

!giphy top+boss

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 8 months ago 

It was indeed @free-reign

And thank you for the kind compliment xxx

 8 months ago 

Congratulations, Jaynie @jaynie! You kicked butt!!


 8 months ago 

Mwah! Thanks hon and thanks for the tip xxx

 8 months ago 

xxx :)

 8 months ago 

Nailed it! Well done #powerhousecreatives

I was totally amazed to see everyone on discord ready to hit that publish button, great thinking @jaynie!

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Really proud to be part of such a high level community, with quality content creation at both steemit and human level. Thank you for being there and opening your arms to us every day to make us better. A hug for all the beautiful people in this beautiful family, my family... @steemitbloggers

Jaynie, this was amazing! PHC rocked! Still does ;0)

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