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Afraid of heights? Like seeing small towns in the middle of winter? This post is for you!

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I started this chapter of my blog initially out of a lack of interesting subjects to blather about, and a phone full of pics I took as part of one of my contracts as an entrepreneur. You see, I am the installation guy for the local internet services provider that is run by utility company. So, as part of my work week, I deliver the information super highway to many residents and businesses in town. It pays fairly well, is in addition to the income from other businesses, enables me to get an inside look at local businesses, and keeps me honest and active.

Perhaps I will get too busy and wealthy from my other contracts and business and delegate this to another technician. Until then, you will get some strange views from unique perspectives from all corners of this interesting little town. Oh the ladders I climb.

Let's see what I have on film for the last couple months as winter set in.



You are a family run spa and pool business. So family run that the storefront is part of your house, remodeled to be a legit retail space. Years of overpriced internet so it is time to call Zeke! Nice people running a good family business so I am happy to be here. The wiring is rather involved as the antenna placement is on the south side of the house, and the
router/office is on the north side. What to do?

Well I am a ninja with the wire so I run it diagonally through a hanging ceiling through 4 rooms and have the cable appear magically above the desk where the router is. Nothing to trip on or look at. Simple and effective. The insulation and thick wall are a pain to get through and walking the wire from the exterior wall through interior walls and over 20 ceiling tiles but all in a day's work.


This was 2 months ago so, for the life of me, I can't remember why I have similar shots from the same place with both fall and winter textures. One of life's mysteries I guess. Either way, this is a shot of the main street headed south out of town. There are a bunch of strip malls and converted retail spaces that come without the downtown premium rent, a railroad crossing, and hotels, rental houses. Not much of a community but some really neat businesses and interesting characters to be found.



There comes a call from another business on the south side of town. Seems my services and the affordable business internet buzz is spreading despite shoddy marketing efforts and abysmal digital presence from the provider! This is a neat business that provides some very intricate control devices so secret I am under oath not to disclose.

The wiring job is a bigger pain in the ass than the last ones as the north facing antenna has to be wired to an I/T room on the interior of the office space. No drop ceiling as it is on the top floor so I must ascend into the spooky, insulation filled rafters and walk across everyone's heads. Not only that, but you can see how the roof slants so aggressively towards the front so you can imagine the tight, dusty crawling I had to to in order to get the cable to the exterior without having to go through the roof. NEVER PIERCE A ROOF! I don't get paid enough for this!

IMG_8310 (1).jpg

This is the 6th business installation I have done in this plaza. A coffee roastery, digital promotion company, printing house, RV multimedia system developer, yoga place, and now an automation company. I know the roofs well and seem to always get the nicest northbound sky colour in my shots from atop the ladder.


There are residential installations as well which tend to be less challenging, and more of a wild card. Nice modest family? Well off big wheels? Skeezy low rent characters? You never know.

You can tell the age of the classic wooden houses on Nile and Milton based upon the big, mature trees on the south side. A little out of the way of main roads but not really contained enough to have an identity or culture I can sense. Nice folks though and I am sure these will be a great investment at some time due to the proximity to the downtown core.


I think these are what you would call wartime houses. Built in a time where too much money is spent on wars but people need housing so they are built modestly with plenty of space. Land is everywhere and the houses are the scarce resource. In times of peace like this, the land becomes the desired commodity and a small house can go for so much more.


You can pause on top of the ladder like I am here and feel the last hundred years. Plenty has changed but I bet a shot from this time a hundred years ago would be missing just the blue recycling box and satellite dish.



The drive is occasionally treacherous in the winter but not having far to go or a crucial time to be there makes it manageable. You get the feeling that twisting wires 18 feet up from here may be a trial.

IMG_8344 (1).jpg

This is literally what it looks like sometimes but that's what makes me a ladder walking, wire wielding, blog superstar and I won't stop til the internet is delivered, and I have delivered a story to my legions of followers.


Thanks for tuning in, catching a glimpse of my little town, and sharing some of my ladder adventures. I take requests!




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You wont catch me up those freezing ladders, it looks like the severe frozen north there.

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Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @davedickeyyall for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.