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Interesting community you have here! I have an inherited rider waite deck that I have done quite a few readings with and wondered if I might hone my skills here? will include an example reading for your perusal!


the question was a general reading into becoming a mother (:( duh (;)

1.what covers him(the universal image of you in the now) judgment- a time of resurrection and awakening, a time when a period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings

2.what crosses him(what works against you)inverted the world-lack of movement aka stagnation or stillness resulting in decay

  1. what crowns him(your strength) inverted hierophant-society, understanding, concord

4.what is beneath him(things that no longer serve you)inverted page of pentacles- degradation and sometimes the lowering of standards

5.what is behind him( your past either in a whole sense or recent past) 5 of swords= this usually represents some sort of physical attack made against you can also be a sign of danger but is in a past slot so no need to worry.

6.what is before him(immediate future) inverted hermit-concealment, fear and unreasonable worry ( so maybe your fears are unfounded and don't serve you anymore in this case?)

7.himself(your core self) 2 of pentacles- troubles are more imaginary than real is the book meaning but I also think the card can represent balanced fear so take that one how you will

8.his house(a place you live in the conditions of)inverted king of wands- signifies advice that you NEED to follow though i know not what ^_^.

  1. his hopes and fears(like it says)10 of wands- difficulties and contradictions

10.what will come medium to long term future prediction)10 of pentacles- the 10 of pentacles represents a house or in my interpretation of it a place to call home where you are safe.

you are focused on rebuilding yourself right now and that journey is as it should be. your greatest strength right now is in alliances let them define you if necessary. your path must remain whole and pure don't drop your own standards one iota and accept nothing less than what you want!in this case, I believe that the hermit represents that a certain fear no longer serves you and by losing that fear in the future you will prosper~the hermit is always a tricky card~ in its positioning I believe the two of pentacles reinforces the message of the inverted hermit and puts those same fears you need to drop into the present and near future. where you currently live is a place where you MUST achieve your wishes or goals. your hope is for motherhood so I actually think the 10 of wands draw is a good sign considering your question. no the 10 of pentacles in your future slot is an amazing sign in your case because it means finding a home <3 like that place where you are safe and loved so is a good omen indeed for one who wants to be a mother