You should leave everything to the GOD


Hello parishioners, peace be with you all today am here once again to share with you the word of God. Things happen and do that at it right time and when the times are hard where do we normally go.


Leave Everything to Him

Stressing has become a typical thing for the vast majority, with the hurrying around of life, we generally have one thing or the other to consider, the poor stresses over where their next feast will originate from, the rich stresses over how to get more cash-flow or likely how to grow their business, the youngster stresses over his scholastics whiles the old stresses over his family. In any case, at that point, the expression of God is instructing and advising us to do in any case today, rather than stressing we are to send our requests to the Lord and let go of every one of that disturbs us.

You may have understood that stressing doesn't get you much practiced and at long last, you may even be acknowledged you stressed for no clear explanation. Science has even demonstrated that standard stressing is the reason for loads of ailments including hypertension which could lead in the long run cause of our demise. It is for the motivation behind why Christ inquired as to whether anybody has had the option to or can add a strand of hair to their hairs by stressing. Arranging and stressing are two unique things, whiles neglecting to design implies we are wanting to come up short, stressing simply accomplish nothing and cause more mischief done great to us.

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