Open Church: Who is your favorite person from the Bible?

Welcome to church! Open Church is a weekly post that aims to be a place where Christians on Hive can hang out, encourage and build up one another, and reflect the love of Christ. The church is not a building, but is made up of people who have been transformed by God’s grace.

Each week I will be putting up a new post with a new topic or theme for discussion. But feel free to come here just to fellowship and be a blessing to one another. Whatever denominational background your from, or if you’re just curious about the Christian faith, everyone is welcome.

So feel free to share a link to your favourite worship song, share a word of encouragement, a prayer request, or introduce yourself.

Today’s topic is: Who is your favorite person from the Bible?

There are a lot of individuals in the Bible who inspire and challenge us, but there are also some very interesting characters that perplex us. But all these individuals and their stories teach us something about God, how He deals with His people, and teaches us something about human nature.

So today I want to explore with our Christian Fellowship community about some of these individuals in the Bible. I would like to hear about who are your favorites, and why these people challenge or inspire you. Or perhaps it’s some lesser known stories in the Bible, or it may not be the heroes, but it can be anyone who has taught us some valuable lessons that speaks into our life each day.

So go on, I would like to hear from you in the comments below.




I was actually just reading Ruth in my devotional time a few days ago. There’s so much we can learn from Ruth and Boaz.

Jesus Christ, it is incredible to see everything that happened for us and the forgiveness of our sins.

Yes, no one can compare with Jesus our Lord. :)

It is not easy to give a quick answer to this question because there are many biblical figures who have been examples and influences for Christians of all centuries, however I have learned a lot from Elisha's experiences in the old covenant, in the new covenant My favorite is the Apostle Paul, for his humiliation of God and for being the man that God used to reach us Gentiles. God bless this community.

O yes, Elisha and Paul are great men of God, and we can learn a lot from them. Thanks for sharing.

My favorite Bible man is King David. If God himself called David a man after his heart, then there must be something that makes him special to Jehovah. A man of broken heart and a coyote Spirit.

Yes, David is certainly a man we can all learn from. Thanks for sharing brother.