Meditations: "Will You Revive Us Again?"

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On the 5th Sunday since receiving the first indication the United States of America was going to begin "locking down" in the face of COVID-19, to what do we look for relief? For deliverance? Ultimately for hope?

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In response this morning, I have a simple question for you, dear reader. When is the last time you heard anyone talk about revival? Spiritual revival?


American history has a number of examples of revival. For example, the First Great Awakening, in the 1730s and 1740s, has been credited by some with creating a spiritual foundation leading to the colonists fighting the Revolutionary War for deliverance from tyranny.

There have been a number of others. But when was the last one? How long ago? Why do they occur in the first place?

I am writing to touch a bit on these questions this morning.

Brief Personal History

While not intending to go into this in depth, as I have written about it before, the ministry of Dick Simmons and his Men for Nations organization has had a profound influence on my life. In March 1986, this Charismatic minister was allowed into the pulpit of our decidedly non-Charismatic church to bring us a message about ...


And challenged the men of our church to begin to meet in the mornings to pray for it ... Which I did for over 18 months ... Leading to my fateful trip to Washington, D.C. in April 1989, as briefly touched on in my "Blessings of Life" post ...

During this time, many studies were made of historic revivals all over the world. A favorite passage often referenced is found in my lead image:

"If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place."

2 Chronicles 7:13-16 [emphasis added mine]

One of the great questions many of us wrestle with is any variation of "why?" when bad things happen in the world around us and / or happen to us. What do these verses provide as an answer? And what does God clearly call us to do in response?

"Revive Us Again!"

In the face of adversity, you may be inclined, as many of us are, to be discouraged by thinking along the lines of:

"I am just one insignificant person. What can I do? What difference can I make?"

Are we not are clearly told, dear reader, His strength is perfected in our weakness? To emphasize this great Truth, here is a powerful and moving video (click hyperlink below image to activate ...) featuring Dr. Clarence Sexton, Pastor of Temple Baptist Church and Founder and President of The Crown College, in Tennessee.

Source: Dr. Clarence Sexton on "Revive Us Again!"

Once you have watched it, I would love to hear your reaction to the surprising and remarkable revelation you hear at the end of it.


Edit: 25 April 2020

For the second time, I have learned the video link I provided to you just above has been "taken down" ... You can read more about it here and here.

I highly recommend you ask yourselves some simple questions?

What are your
afraid you might learn?
From what are you being "protected?"

P.S. While I am 110% in support of this website (to which the links above will take you) saying whatever they want, as part of the First Amendment rights of any American citizen, I do not agree with all you might read on it.


The older I get, the more I believe only in the glory of eternity will we learn the identifies of those "old warriors in the faith" who changed history through their prayerful intercession and yet no one has ever heard of them.

Very personally and to the point, amongst them I expect to learn the identities of those who prayed for a little boy a long, long time ago, when I was barely more than a tot, in a little church in the Midwest. Where my father was a minister for a brief time ...

Whom do We Love? The "Benefits?" Or the "Benefitter?"

To make my point, I'll ask that you forgive whatever insolence you may find in my subheading above. And what point would that be @roleerob?

From a Christ-centered perspective and worldview, a case can be made the bane of man's existence is his response to prosperity. We just do not handle it well. At least for very long. Nor do we learn from our mistakes (see the Old Testament record ...), but seem eternally determined and, therefore, condemned to repeat them. And suffer the consequences ... Again ...

Source 1: Creator RitaE on Pixabay • Source 2: Creator Silberfuchs on Pixabay • Source 3: Creator TheAngryTeddy on Pixabay

Is there inherently anything wrong with enjoying the "goodies" of life? While not claiming to be wise enough to provide the perfect answer, I think for the most part the answer is no. As long as we don't succumb to finding our satisfaction in them and them alone, forgetting all about their Provider.

In His love for us and desire to bless us, I believe our Lord is even very happy to provide them! 🤗 Sadly, it is far too often (collectively) our fatal tendency to respond along the lines of ...

"Now that I have what I want, I'm good! I'll take it from here ..." 😌

In what state of prosperity do you think much of the world finds itself in today? At least found itself in the pre-COVID version of it? As we watch it steadily evaporating before our eyes, how are we responding?


As I touched on briefly in my Palm Sunday post, our Lord's people initially hailed Him as their long-promised King, upon His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Only to turn against Him and cry out for His crucifixion days later.

How on earth is that possible? I would suggest to you, dear reader, as at least part of the answer, they were focused far more on the assumed benefits "coming their way" vs. having any idea whatsoever about the Ultimate Source of them.


The world over, we are living in what are almost universally being referred to as "unprecedented" times. With the "Almighty State" in which we all live, in one way or another, jumping into action and promising to "save" us ...

Where does your sense of safety and security lie today? For "My people who are called by My name," where should it lie?

I encourage you, dear reader, to read the verses associated with this post's lead image. And to prayerfully consider that God has ordained what is happening all around us. The nations the world over are bankrupting themselves usurping His place and proclaiming they are going to "save us." If you are looking to them for deliverance from COVID-19, I highly recommend you reconsider where your focus should be.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

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Edit: 25 April 2020

For the second time, I have learned the video link I provided to you in this post has been "taken down" ... You can read more about it here and here.

I highly recommend you ask yourselves some simple questions?

What are your
afraid you might learn?
From what are you being "protected?"

P.S. While I am 110% in support of this website (to which the links above will take you) saying whatever they want, as part of the First Amendment rights of any American citizen, I do not agree with all you might read on it.


Unfortunately humanity has reached the point where it has forgotten that all it can achieve is thanks to God, the human being boasts of what he does and how he does it, the time has come when they forgot about their creator and who it is the one who gives the intelligence and who is the provider. In addition to forgetting the principles or commandments that our God established so that we can live in a healthy society. Unfortunately people become corrupt by getting what they want, people deliberately kill or lie, they have even doubted the existence of God, so ... this is something that saddens God, because the human being has lost the humility of At least recognize that there is a creator who is the one who gives you the intelligence to create all the material you have created so far, just to mention an example.
God certainly wants a revival, but first he wants to revive humility and then ... when his people humble themselves, He will!

Yes, my dear friend, how very sad in our "human condition" that the blessings of our prosperity leads us down the wrong path far too often.

In His sovereignty, as shown over and over again in history, He is going to ultimately run out of patience with us and "one more time with enthusiasm" take us down a different path ...

In my morning quiet time @blessed-girl, I am currently reading chapter by chapter through the book of Ezekiel. A very, very sobering historical account of what human history looks like, once God's patience and loving calls to repentance, to "turn back before it is too late," come to an end ...

Yes, we need to revive our selves again, the church, the believers are therefore called to rivive ourselves. Thanks for sharing

Certainly agreed @oppongk. Too much of the world has their attention focused on the wrong answer to their problems ...

Thank you for "stopping by!" 👋

Surely this is a great challenge to everyone of us to make a deep exam of our values and the things we need to be grateful, being this gifts in our present or those in that place we often call past. No matter the condition we born we always are able to be blessed with the joys from life!!

Everyday I get more peace about or recent situation in the world and accepting what's to come with open eyes but with enough calm in the heart to give thanks to God!!

You are writing beautiful posts my dear friend, I'll be attending with more care!!

Send you lots of hugs and best wishes for everyday!! Many blessings for your family and loved ones, dear Friend!!

P.S. I couldn't watch the video you've shared!! Maybe it has some region restrictions I'll try with a VPN!!

Yes, my dear friend ...

"... a great challenge to everyone of us to make a deep exam of our values ..."

... day by day while we are amongst the living, there is always and ever before us a continual opportunity to do just this. Well spoken @leveuf.

At times of our Sovereign God's choosing, He takes the urgency of doing so to another level (my "paraphrase" words, not His ...). Do we live in such a time? Each of us, free to choose, are called upon to answer ...

Thank you very kindly for stopping by and adding value to this post!

P.S. Thank you for pointing that out! What a mystery as to what Google chooses to do with these ... Anyway! I have found another one with similar content, covering the same story. Please try the hyperlink again now!

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