Spud 4 Steem-Engine - December 1 Brings Me to 100,000 Staked Tokens

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It is Steem Power Up Day. Once again, I had set my post options to 100% to participate in Steem Challenges; So, once again, I am making Steem-Engine the focus of my power up activity for the #spud4steem contest by @kiwi-crypto

I started the day by claiming all of the rewards in my Steem-Engine Account. This actually takes awhile.

I then went to CoinGecko where I was delighted to see that STEEM touched the $0.20 mark. I decided to use that figure to value my account.

I should note that last month I transferred 0.32 STEEM to my Steem-Engine account and I have been playing the game of market maker to build a Steem Engine fortune. I am investing in failed tokens because I only had 0.32 STEEM to play with.

Today I powered up 60,000 tokens. I staked all of the tokens that I could stake. This brought my total tokens in the Steem ecosystem to over 100,000. The most notable member of my collection in the PHOTO token. I have an open buy order on PHOTO at 0.00001 . In the chart I value all of the tokens at the highest bid price that is not of my doing. The market value of my Steem-Engine account is 3.114 STEEM or 62 cents in USD.

I think the table is obvious. I powered up 68K tokens and now have 100K. The market value of the account is 408 STEEM. I put a link to each of the transactions.

TokenPower UpNew TotalLow BidSteemDollars
Buy Orders?0.000010.6390.13

Vagabond Spirit is a business account I created for a game that I took offline. The total value of my account is 408.899 STEEM. At 0.2 STEEM it would be worth $81.78 USD.

I am now in position 29 in the PHOTO Staked Richlist. PHOTO has a scotbot; So, I guess my account will spew forth with PHOTO tokens when I upvote.

I am in position 14 on POINT. I think they turned off their Scotbot. I am in position 8 for DIAMOND ... which is a forum in Chinese. I am in position 9216 in STEEM. I bought a PHOTO at 0.00012 to make it look like PHOTO was worth something. The token is owned by PhotoStream. If the creators of the token turned it back on, it might be worth something.


Conclusion: SteemEngine is a good place to learn about trading without risking actual money. While I am still a nobody on SteemIt, I am a somebody in the world of failed tokens.