A Plan to Restore America

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A Plan to Restore America

It's become clear that the American culture has been infiltrated and exploited by people and groups that act as parasites to our way of life. Decades ago we were warned about this parasitic enemy by the likes of President Kennedy and Eisenhower, but the American public has been manipulated into turning a blind eye to this threat and allowing the infection to spread into the highest levels of our government and way of life.

Once we become aware of the problem the need for a solution becomes a priority. A multi-faceted solution to rid our way of life from this parasitic infection is something I've been giving a lot of thought too recently. How can something that is firmly entrenched in our financial, political, educational, medical, and economic systems be removed without creating massive social unrest or even civil war? How could something like this be done in a way that benefits all American people in a way that would encourage widespread support and a level playing field for us to continue life on? There are some ideas I've been mulling over that could take a step towards solving these big structural issues we face and I'd like to share some of them with you.

The Financial System

The financial system is a foundational cornerstone of our way of life. The current system was established to scalp as much wealth and productivity from the common American as possible through covert and subtle means. All across the western world we have been forced into systems of money controlled by non-public groups and individuals. The United States government is supposed to coin and issue a currency but long ago our "Representatives" have given away this power and it's past time we took it back.

An entirely new system of money is needed. This sounds like an extreme idea, but I think the problem itself has become so extreme that only something equally as radical is required as a solution.

A new non-debt based form of currency is needed. Using the current value of our dollar as a base line to start from, I like the idea of issuing every adult American citizen a base amount of $200,000 and then adding the amount each American has contributed to Social Security / Medicare programs throughout their lives. This gives every American a financially secure starting place in our new way of life while also accounting for the work and labor that has been stolen from us over the decades. It gives security and financial control back to the elderly while bringing our financial power back to an individual level. This idea would create approximately $100 Trillion of base money supply fully and equitably distributed among the entire population.

Once upon a time our money was gold and silver. The gold and silver our government has accumulated and stored should be used to provide an underlying value to this new currency we create. Furthermore, this will encourage the use of gold, silver, and copper coins which we can use as a hard currency if we so choose. The electronic portion of the new monetary system gives us the benefits of blockchain technology which allows us to publicly audit and monitor governmental spending while the hard currency and use of non governmental forms of money protect our privacy which is critically important.

Moving into the future, a system where a certain percentage of national gold and silver production would be the only non-voluntary tax. This infusion of precious metals into the federal vaults would be used to create additional money each quarter or year which would be the primary funding of government operations. And just like this we have a form of money that doesn't strap the American people with massive debt and interest charges and provides for a continues source of revenue for the government.

The Economic System

Just like the very money we use has been corrupted, our economic system has been rigged to absorb as much of our wealth and productivity as possible. The stock and bond markets are heavily manipulated and full of legalized fraud which not only leeches more of our productivity and wealth, it puts that we manage to save at risk when things like asset bubbles are inflated and then inevitably pop which causes huge market crashes. These are all huge problems made possible the economic system we have been led into over the span of decades which need to be corrected if we really want to be the Land of the Free.

An idea that would correct this and largely prevent this same type of corruption from infecting the economy in the future would be to dissolve and nationalize all publicly traded companies. Assuming an adult population of 300 million, each company publicly traded on the Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdaq, etc. would become 300 million new stock shares created and distributed to each American citizen. With the blockchain based financial system each person would have direct custody of these stock shares which cuts out the wall street influence and could even cut out large portions of the traditional banking system. That means all the value those large sectors of the economy absorbed would be returning to the people. These stock shares would grant voting rights for each companies board of directors while the employees of each company would determine the CEO / Leadership positions. This would help prevent the sort of corruption and non-accountability we so often see in these types of businesses.

Power, Utility, & Communications infrastructure and business would be similarly dissolved and re-issued on a more local level directly to the area they serve. This decentralizes control of these critical infrastructure elements to a much more local level. Local control of your power and internet access is a very good thing for some obvious reasons.

Private business and property would remain privately owned. All debt which is attached to the current financial system would be dissolved and the underlying property or asset would stay with the current individual owning it. This gives all Americans an unencumbered starting point to move forward from and I believe that our work / life balance would be drastically changed for the better as a result.

The Educational System

Similarly to the treatment of the Corporate world, the educational system from the K-12's to Community Colleges and Universities would be dissolved and new ownership would be issued to the people living in that school or university's area of service. A common scenario for this would look like this;

Each resident of the area within the school's boundary lines would own 1 piece of the K-6 elementary school, middle school, high school, and university or college. This level of ownership and distribution completely decentralizes control and management of our education system back to the immediate local level. It would also give the parents entrusting their children to the educational system a means of oversight and control over what their children were learning, how they were disciplined, and what sort of educational material they were being exposed too.

This level of ownership and oversight would also provide the individuals with the ability to determine how each school was funded, teacher salaries, schedules, etc. There are many different ways these things can be done and each locality would be given the opportunity to decide amongst themselves how their communities educational system operated. And just like that, we could have a completely decentralized means of teaching our children and young adults which would most likely not involve those young adults needing to start their professional careers in massive amounts of student loan debt. In fact I would be willing to bet that if this sort of idea was implemented we would all have access to University level education without any direct financial cost. If the individual is getting to keep more of their productivity and wealth many will be more than happy to directly fund their communities educational system. The removal of the bureaucratic layer and all of it's associated costs will go a long ways to lowering the overall cost of the system as a whole too, this is another big step in making the overall system more affordable and efficient.

The Political System

Government is only granted power through the people they serve. At least that's the way it's supposed to be based on our Constitution. In reality government has taken increasingly more and more of our power, rights, and wealth. All the while so many of those claiming to represent us are bribed or blackmailed and hence controlled by terrorist groups, drug and human trafficking cartels, NXIVM / Epstein style corruption rackets, and competitive foreign states. Something drastic is needed here to cut out the level of corruption and protect the Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness each and every human in this country is entitled too.

I have already described how the base operations of government could be funded through a taxation of precious metals mining, and I have also hinted that this would be the only non-voluntary tax needed to run the sort of government I'm envisioning. Rather than suck at the tit of the Lobbyist class and dancing to the tune of their controllers our elected officials would become more like a lobbyist to the American People. It would be their job to formulate and communicate big picture ideas and operations to the people they represent rather that stuff legislative monstrosities down our throats. If their ideas are good enough and transparent then the people can provide funding on a voluntary basis. You think it's a good idea to bomb the shit out of some country on the other side of the world? You have every right to think that and if your serious about it you'll put your money where you thoughts are. You just don't get to force anyone else to have to do the same.

The federal and state levels of government have accumulated vast amounts of land (and the resources of that land) which belongs to the American People. All unused land should be parceled out and ownership rights distributed back the the American Citizens. This would redistribute vast amounts of very valuable land back to the american people and give them an opportunity to start this new American life with a full bank account and ownership of property if they so choose to cash in on their property rights.

Things such as parks, military bases, and state or federal level buildings remain under government control and operation with all financial transactions being made publicly accountable and verifiable in real time. Rather than let the government force us into electronically traceable financial system, we would place that sort of transparency and accountability onto the government while protecting our rights to privacy and property.

The Medical System

As we are currently experiencing, the medical system that is so influential in our lives has been corrupted and used to accumulate financial wealth and erode individual liberties. There is a very simple solution to this issue. That would be to allow independent doctors and practices the ability to choose who they serve and how they are compensated. Corporate healthcare business will have had their ownership dissolved and distributed back to the people they serve which means things like hospitals become individually owned by the residents in the immediate area who then get to establish how the hospital is funded, how the employees are compensated, and what sorts of treatment and research the facility performs. Medical information would remain between the individual and the doctors they choose to trust and nothing short of a court approved warrant would give any other government entity the ability to have access to the individual medical history and files.

This idea removes control of our healthcare industry from the medical establishment currently under so much scrutiny. It also clears the way for innovative and very cost effective treatments currently being blocked by corrupt actors being bribed by pharmaceutical corporations and foreign interests. The cost of healthcare has risen dramatically in the past two decades and these ideas would remove tremendous amounts of waste and expense from the industry.

And there you have it, in less than 4 pages I've laid out some big structural improvements we could fit into our current reality which would go a long ways to preserving our rights and removing the horrific corruption we're all losing patience with. A new way of American life that fits within the Constitution and shields our public interests from that invisible enemy and secret societies JFK warned us about decades ago.

Awareness and massive public support are the only way We the People can bring about changes such as these, the current leaders in government will need to be forced into implementing these changes or it will never get done. Join the conversation about how we take our country back with your thoughts on these ideas or any other ideas of your own that will bring us closer to the Freedom God intended us to have and bring these topics up within your sphere's of influence when appropriate. The more human minds and conversations focused on this the quicker real change can happen.