Corona shop (not a joke #lol)

It's been raining these past few days here in Valparaiso. Not sure if it's a common thing but when it rains, I feel down. Less happy than usual and almost call it depression. Can't go out and walk around. No sun. It's cold and all the moisture in the air. It just doesn't feel good if you know what I mean.

When It's sunny out, even stay in, edit movies all day, write posts or study online courses are all enjoyable. When it rains, I just can't focus.

This morning just right before the rain came, I take that opportunity to walk around town and go into some shops I have never been in here in Valparaiso, Chile. I got some learning material and that's a pencil and rubbers I bought the first time in these many years.

Crazy huh? Now that I think about it, it's been forever I haven't bought a pencil or rubbers. It's been all pen or actually, all digital and online nowadays.


Still, I was not raining so I kept walking...

There's this one weird-looking shop that looks like it's closed but people walk in and out all the time. It's a clothing store.. called.. 'Corona' #lol I think that's the funniest name a shop could have during this time period. I have walked past it a few times but never gone in ever as I thought 'Who would be in a mood to shop for clothes during this pandemic. A lot of people don't even have enough to eat these days...'

but again, Still, I was not raining so..

I decided to go in and check it out for the very first time in Corona shop #lol. Walk around and omg, it's like Topshop combined with Forever21 and H&M. Corona offers quality good-looking clothes like top-shop or Sara for prices of forever21 and H&M. It was just enjoyable to browse around without any need for new clothes.
and bam! The new sweater I got.

It's so soft and the work is pretty neat. Love the color and the fluffiness. Especially for the price of $12, I'm so darn happy!


Here's the proof so that you know I didn't make up the 'Corona story'. It's actually Corona Shop! Jajaja!


A pencil and a sweatshirt made my day!

After a few new stuff I got, came back home and rain couldn't affect me much anymore. A happy mind so I could focus on things I need to focus on even when it rains... Shopping totally helps with feeling blue and all depression. A pencil and a sweatshirt made my day, indeed!

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You're taking your student role seriously! Perfect. You're a very dedicated girl. Like a new notebook, life sometimes provokes a fresh start, no erasures, nice. Life happens and changes, like the weather. So put on that sweater and put some color in your life! A hug in the distance, beautiful

I love writing things down. At least it's a break from a screen once in a while and when I need to review, instead of going into the course and stare at a screen all the time, I have my notebook! :D

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