DLIKE Weekly Report #75 - DLIKER Token Details

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Hello Steemians!

Here is weekly update for dlike

DLIKE Staking Rewards Paid

DLIKE staking rewards for first week of February are paid. If you have not received or missing some payouts get int ouch with us.
If you are not yet known to DLIKE token staking then checkout ---> https://dlike.io/staking
Dlike is paying 25% bonus tokens on 6 month staking and 9% on 3 months staking.

DLIKER Token Burning Update

This week we burnt a total of 50,331 DLIKER tokens. These were from our voting account curation income and those tokens which we bought from market with the earnings of ads. Since last update, additional 5,587,649 DLIKER tokens have been staked. Here is updated status of DLIKER token.

DLIKER CirculatingDLIKER BurntDLIKER Staked
1.50769 B14,017,482.803857,168,032.076

DLIKER market link in steem-engine exchange is --> https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=DLIKER

DLIKE Daily Reward Pool (7000 DLIKE)

You can check your DLIKE daily reward pool details --> https://dlike.io/rewards

Join DLIKE as Programmer come Partners

We are looking for expert programmers for android and ios development. If you are expert in any or both you can contact us to join DLIKE as partners.

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

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Heya, I haven't received a payout in a while. I used to receive weekly steem, but no more. Are we still doing that.

I know projects take time to take off, and I am waiting patiently to see where this one goes, I just staked another 800 through the dlike website, and keep staking on steem-engine as well.

Please let me know about my steem payouts.

Can you please contact us on discord with the username

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