What did you want to be when you were a little girl or a little boy? I want to be a teacher

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Hello everyone, today I am very happy with the Steem Argentina competition.

After joining Stemit in 2017, this was the first time anyone had run a children's story contest and it made me happy.

I still remember when I was a child I wanted to continue my studies and become a teacher. However, he is embarrassed by a sudden change in circumstances. I am exactly 12 years old, my parents are sick and can no longer work like the others.

Usually my parents were the backbone of the family paying for school, especially when I was a teenager. But can you tell my parents were sick until now? As a result, my efforts to complete higher education declined.

But from another perspective, I thank God for knowing the true meaning of life in my family situation and therefore I have to work hard to support my family and make my last dreams come true.

As a teenager, he worked as a laborer in the town where he lived. The income I earn every day to help my sick parents and to pay for school fees. I work late every day of school.

But my hard work paid off and my dream came true as planned.



Note: Honesty is one of the keys that I use as an asset in my life. This key is a testimonial from my parents.

With the capital of honesty putting my life first so far, almost everyone gives me a great opportunity to join them at work and in other fields.

This is the story of my childhood, I hope it will be useful to others. And thanks to @belenguerra, @fendit, for creating an event so incredibly competitive that people continue to despise who they are.

I realized that my English grammar was still lacking. but I want to tell the world that honesty is everything

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Hola @barzah me ha gustado mucho leerte, que bueno tenerte por aquí, es muy conmovedora tu historia de vida pero me alegra q lograste tu sueño de ser un Maestro y con honestidad las puertas de te han abierto... Buen post amigo

Te agradezco mucho @graceleon. te gusta la historia de mi infancia

always passionate in sharing, longing greetings from me

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thank you very much my friend you have visited me. I hope you are always healthy ...

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Beautiful post my friend!! First of all, thank you very much for joining this contest in Steem Argentina!

Second, your post is beautiful!! You couldn't study to be a professor, but life has given you the chance to help and teach others anyway!!

Thanks a lot my friend!! I love your pictures!!

I also thank the Steem-Argentina community who organized a competition and gave me opportunities so that I could write the story of my life.

Then I really thank my best friend @belenguerra who has been present in my post, and I realize that my language distribution is not orderly because we are different countries but you @belenguerra can figure it out .. it is very extraordinary

once again .. thank you very much, my friends @belenguerra who liked our photos