Legendary songs from the king of reggae in cinema

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There have been several cinematic moments in which the sounds of Bob Marley appear. Moments in which without realizing we are singing the soundtrack. And it is that Marley's music has told us about everything: love, society, Jamaica and even death.

We made this tour through some of the scenes of the seventh art that have found in the king of reggae, the best complement to those images.¿ Which ones do they add?

Redemption song in La Playa (2000)

After the effervescence of the parties and psychotropic trips on the Thai island, the attack of a shark that causes the death of one of the members of the community, gives the dramatic turn to the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film directed by Danny Boyle finds the sounds indicated at that moment with the last song released by Bob Marley and the Wailers before his death.

Three Little Birds in Shark Tale (2004)

Fish also worry in the ocean, even sharks do. For the animated Dreamworks movie, Ziggy, the oldest son of Bob and Rita, made a new version of the song originally published in 1977 with fellow Jamaican Sean Paul in 2004.

Is This Love in In The Name Of The Father (1993)

The Irish film that tells the unfair story of Gerard Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis) in jail with his father Giuseppe (Pete Postlethwaite) stops the drama for a moment when in a cell, painted with Bob's face, Gerry consumes LSD . The song, released in 1978, also appears in the films Six Days, Seven Nights (1998), Jaws (1999), As if it were the first time (2004) and A Wife of Lies (2011).

One love in Marley and I (2008)

The idyll of John Grogan and his dog in his novel taken to the big screen has Marley's music as a must, as the connection between the farmer rejected by other buyers and Bob's music, gave the name to one of the most remembered animals of literature and cinema. "The slow tensions of Bob Marley's reggae began to fill the speakers, having a gentle effect on the two of us," says the writer in his work.

Stir It Up in I'm Legend (2007)

It is clear that the film is a complete ode to Marley's work, and how unacceptable it may be a time when Bob's music is unknown. Not from Damian or Ziggy, from Bob. Three Little Birds songs also appear on the tape, Will Smith sings a bit of I shot the sheriff and the final credits are accompanied by Redemption Song.

Get up, Stand up in Fire in Babylon (2010)

The 2010 documentary report that shows the history of the West Indies cricket team of the seventies and eighties, has in several moments the music of the king of reaggae. Could You Be Loved is another song that appears in the film.

Burnin 'and Lootin' in La Haine (1995)

The French film by Mathieu Kassovitz has the song of The Wailers as the perfect mouth opener to tell a story of oppression and racism in Paris in the mid-nineties.

“This morning I woke up in a curfew, O God, I was a prisoner too, yeah!, Could not recognize the faces standing over me, They were all dressed in uniforms of brutality, eh!”

Jammin in My Girlfriend Polly (2004)

In the Jamaican culture the word Jamming refers to the moment of celebration between dance and music and of course, also to the game of smoking pot. Moment in which the song that does not come out precisely as a celebration to Reuben while leaving his wife Lisa on the beach with Claude, the diving instructor in My girlfriend Polly.

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