Old reggaeton that you can never forget

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Music, like art in general, has a wonderful characteristic: it is inexhaustible, at least as far as humanity has been able to verify. And within that art is, of course, reggaetón, a musical genre that continues to be criticized and praised in equal measure. Also a genre with which there is a curious case: there are many who say they cannot stand it, even come to hate it, but when night falls the vast majority dance it.

In any party night worth its salt, there is always a magical moment, the one in which you recognize the first notes of a song and discover that it is none other than the one you danced 10 years ago. The old reggaetón has something, so much so that there are venues and DJs who have specialized in it, as if it were an autonomous musical genre, and they have won a surprisingly large audience.

But not only the night helps us to travel through time. Any time is a good time to review the best old reggaeton songs or to throw a party from scratch in which to surprise everyone you know with those songs that they danced so much and miss so much.

Who does not remember -'Gasolina ', by Daddy Yankee

Impossible to start with another song and impossible to start with another singer. For many, the great king of this genre. And for the vast majority one of the songs that will always sound on his personal soundtracks.

And could not miss -'Papi pimp 'Lorna

Another of the classics, one of those that we still hear singing in groups of friends and that we all have related to the odd memory. If you want to improve the mood, ‘Papi chulo’ has to sound yes or yes.

And who has not danced -'Emergency call ', by Daddy Yankee

Surely you remember the lyrics perfectly no matter how long you have not heard them.

And what do you say about -'Obsesión ', about Adventure

Who has not ever sung or recited that "it's not love, what you feel is called obsession"? A verse that we owe to Aventura, specifically to this song, one of her greatest hits.

And of course, again with Daddy Yankee with "What happened happened,"

And I end with a song that everyone knows, but that nobody gets tired of. And, of course, again with Daddy Yankee. Nothing better to close the party than this "What happened happened."

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