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The Beatles and 'Hey Jude': 50 years of the song that was born to comfort a child:

Paul McCartney wrote the song in 1968 while he was visiting Julian, John Lennon's son and his wife Cynthia who had just separated.
On August 28, 1968, a song was released that was to become an icon because it was soon number 1 on the US chart for nine consecutive weeks. "Hey Jude" turns 50 and what was born as a little help for a boy whose parents had separated became one of the most important songs in the history of music.

Beatles biographer Bob Spitz explained in 2005 that the song was going to be called "Hey Jules" and was directed at John Lennon's son, who had just separated from his wife Cynthia. Paul McCartney went to visit Cynthia and her son and during the four hours that the car ride lasted he was thinking of a melody that served to comfort young Julian.

McCartney wrote a couple of stanzas and was with Cinthia and her son Jules for hours. Later, we would turn the chorus that he had created into a song and the original "Hey Jules" for the "Hey Jude" that has gone down in history because it sounded better. Julian Lennon himself acknowledged to Rolling Stone magazine that the song had been written for him.

'Hey Jude' is the longest song ever written by the Beatles. It lasts more than seven minutes and the last three are almost entirely dedicated and an unmistakable chorus: 'na, na, na nananana ... "He told them that the radios do not have such a long song, but John Lennon was clear: "Yes, we will ... if it is our song."

The first time the public performance was on the David Frost Show and the audience in a unique way with the band during those final chorus minutes. Today, Paul McCartney continues to perform "Hey Jude" at his concerts around the world.


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