The songs by Bob Marley who marked in my life

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Bob Marley was a musician, composer and singer of the reggae genre that I frame me both for his artistic work and for his iron commitment to the cause of peace and the claim of the Afro-descendant community throughout the world.

The reggae genus that Bob Marley dignifiedly represented, had arisen from Ska's influences on one side and rocksteady on the other. In its origin, Reggae was, as today, linked to the struggle of social causes and Rastafari spirituality, a key factor in its definition and perspective.

Bob Marley played a capital role in the international recognition of Reggae, in such a way that the impact of his legacy would be a weight factor in the decision to appoint gender as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It will be Marley's most emblematic issues that marked some time of my life and today or I want to teach them.

But to enter the world of him, you have to read this Mintra listen to the songs, if this does not make sense.

I Shot the Sheriff

I Shot The Sheriff is included in the Burnin '1973 album. A year later, Eric Clapton would make a version that reached the first place of Bildboard Hot 100 billboard.

The song talks about a person who has been accused of a crime that he did not commit, the murder of a deputy, after having wounded a mayor in self-defense. The subject is, then, trapped in the networks of power, and struggles to defend itself. By this time listening to the song and I was struck by the pace and cualtura, a little time consuming the maribuana.

No woman no cry

This song was recorded for the first time in 1974, and is included in the Natty Dread album. Although the song was legally attributed to Vincent Ford, this attribution was an arrangement made with Bob Marley, since at that time the singer faced problems with the musical industry.

The agreement also responded to the enormous friendship between the two, because Vincent Ford had given him sheltered in the dining room of him when Bob came homeless. That dining room was one of the spaces where Bob and Bunny met playing, and where they received the spiritual teachings of Rasta George Headly Robinson.

For me, Marley assumes the voice of a subject who must say goodbye to a woman, and comforts it by evoking the pleasant memories that have lived together.

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds was first published on the 1977 album Exodus album. When he heard it, he transmitted joy and is hope, which invites us to get rid of the superfluous concerns, to appreciate the simple details of life and trust in the morning.

Is this love?

With this song I saw my father dance and smoke, although he did not let me smoke before, the song is this love was thrown into the market on the Kaya album, of 1978. It is a song of love that claims the loving commitment from The simplicity of poverty and effort to get the sustenance for day to day. In the video clip of this song, the model Naomi Campbell, who was just a 7-year-old girl for the first time.

Could You Be Loved?

This song, included in the Album Uprising of 1980, has been interpreted as one of the Marley themes dedicated to peace and freedom. He takes as a reference a biblical verse on the truth (Luke 8, 17), from which he addresses the issue of his own voice and the difficulties he entails the defense of the ideals.

With this song I met my first girlfriend, and everyone had hair like Marley including me

And the best song is for my one love

This theme of the album Exodus was not released as simple until 1984, when as a posthumous tribute, it was included in the Legend collection, the best-selling album at the time. The issue is a song to love, an exhortation to the union of humanity in a single cause.

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 by Cancer, the day he died also a part of me, but I really tell you that every day I hear it and when that happens I still think that it is between us.

For you what is the song of Bob Marley that you like the most


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