ORİGİNAL SONG: AŞK VAR (There is love) for DANCE AND MUSİC BY @anatolianwishdom


Hello our friends,

We composed Ask var in 2011 .

English Lyrics,

when i look up the sky
when i look at the sea
when i look at the tree to earth to man..
in the essence of each particle There is love,

there is love,
there is love

when i look at the sun
when i look at the moon
to the stars, to space

There is love at the heart of each grain there is love,there is love

 last month 

My dear friends, this is a beautiful song with a beautiful message and your beautiful voices singing in divine harmony just prove that THERE IS LOVE. Ask var!

Thank you our dear friend🙏🙏 it's an honour to hear that from you.


İt always makes us feel good when we play outdoor. Aspacially in nature.

We have tried to record this song in the house for a few times since last week but never was satisfied with the energy a d the feeling.

🙏👍❤️🎸🎶 Hope you enjoy it.



Once again i want to thank to @steemcurator01 for all sports to our music so that we can share our original music to everyone here on steemit. That's incredible platform for world people to create their contents and make a new way of earning and living life. İ believe this platform must take grow so much than face book etc. This such a good for everyone.

İ will personally be helping steemit with my best for that vision.

Thank you for watching and reading ☺️