Dance and have fun week 113

in Dance and music3 months ago

Dear dance lovers

You are invited to our Dance party week 3,

I'm writing this post on "Dance and music",

You can write your post on if you like to promote this dance project. You will still receive your prize in STEEM.

For how to enter please read this post until the end.

You will receive 2 STEEM for taking part in this fun dance project.

This is Dance and have fun week 113.

A big thank you goes @Mariluna for taking part in Dance and have fun week 112.

@mariluna, you received 2 STEEM and this is your entry,

How to enter:

One entry per person only

Write a post on or and share your dance video.

Title: Dance and have fun week 113 followed by the words "My entry and @yourusername".

You will need to write a post by next Saturday.

Alternatively you can write a post on another community or platform but you will need to share your link here.

You will not need to share your link here if you create a post on or You can create a cross-post on if you wish.

Prizes can vary.

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by!


Thank you so much for all your support!
Have a great weekend!

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