Dance and have fun week 124 - Dancing to Jerusalema with Mikey - Music, Master KG feat. Nomcebo

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Dear dance and music lovers

This is my entry for Dance and have fun week 124.

I like training in the park and my son @Mikeylorenzo too. This afternoon we decided to go out together because he wanted to train outdoors and I wanted to dance. This morning he was looking at the dance moves for Jerusalema on YouTube.

When we went to the park before starting to train, I asked him to show me the moves and we came up with this video.

Have fun watching!

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for watching!


Great dance moves. I have been planning on uploading one dance video of me dancing Jerusalema song. I am going to submit my entry soon. Thanks for this video. It's very interesting. I love dancing and I am going to be participating in the various contests.

Please feel free to take part in any of the dance projects!
Tomorrow I will announce Dance contest week 179.
Have a nice weekend!