Dance and have fun week 138 - My entry

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Dear dance and music lovers

I had a busy day but I managed to train and dance outdoors. I did not film anything but that's fine since now and then I like to share old videos. I have over 1,000 videos in my YouTube collection and it's nice to share them.

Dancing to 2 the Night by La Fuertezza


Hello, friend I hope you are great if sometimes you have busy and busy days, it has happened to me but how cool you have many videos to share .. I really liked the dance steps and the music is excellent, an exquisite combination of various rhythms greetings and blessings for you ..

Thank you my friend! You are always so nice with your comments.
I always appreciate your support.

Me encanto verte bailar con ese crepúsculo mira esta belleza


Gracias por compartir tu baile en paisajes tan bellos, tengo más de un año que no disfruto de un atardecer, ni me he posido detener a mirar la belleza de una flor, donde vivo ni las hay, por eso me alegra mucho poder disfrutar de la naturaleza con tus bailes, gracias amigo, bendiciones para ti.