Dance contest week 177 - Special edition - How to enter

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Dear dance lovers and friends

I'm writing this post on

This dance contest has been running since July 2017.

I'm happy to announce Dance contest week 177. This is the longest-running contest on any blockchain.

This is a special edition. Why is it special? For several reasons:
It's the last dance contest of 2020.
We need more entertainment than ever after such a difficult year.
Prizes will be bigger.
You will connect with other dance lovers and friends.

On top of the normal prizes, the winners will receive:

1st prize = 50% upvote from @steemcurator02

2nd prize = 40% upvote from @steemcurator02

3rd prize = 30% upvote from @steemcurator02

4th prize = 20% upvote from @steemcurator02

5th prize = 10% upvote from @steemcurator02

These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% and the person is not powering down at the same time.

@steemcurator02 Thank you for supporting the last dance contest of the year!

Please invite your friends to take part in this fun dance contest!

One entry per person.

This is Dance contest week 177 and you can create a post today.

@steemcurator01 Thank you for supporting this dance project!

A big thank you goes to @amazona06 and @mariluna for taking part in Dance contest week 176.
Please feel free to take part in this fun dance contest if you like dancing.

@amazona06, you received 8 STEEM. Thank you for taking part! Beautiful Belly dance drum solo. Here is your entry,

@mariluna, you received 8 STEEM. Thank you for sharing a new video and dancing with us every week! Here is your entry:

My entry,
Dancing to Do 4 U by Van Den Wolfe and SwitchVilla - Dancing for fun and relaxation

Prizes will be delivered in STEEM.

Rules can also change from time to time.


1st place will receive 10 STEEM.

2nd and 3rd place will receive 8 STEEM.

There will be a participation prize of 5 STEEM if there are less than 3 contestants.

Prizes can vary and will be delivered in STEEM.

How to enter:

One entry per person only.

This dance contest is aimed at people over 18 years old.

Write a post on any platform or community that you like. You will need to share your link and video here as a comment.

Videos should be at least one minute long.

The title should be, "Online dance contest week 177" or "Dance contest week 177" followed by "My entry and @yourusername".

Please use #dance as one of the first five tags.

For this special edition I suggest that,

  1. You create a post on this dance community.

  2. You post your dance video by next Friday, 01/01/21.

  3. You create a dance video for Dance contest week 177.

Don't worry if can't create a new dance video. Just share your favourite dance video!

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for watching!

You can share your post on if you wish.

@petrahaller, @constgaladriel, @amazona06, @mariluna, @elenahornfilm, @norat23, @mayelis, @kingtamarah, @alfredmusic, @lizbetcontreras, @jorlyn-jm, @todoenmusica, @dinaluna, @clenvielma, @kopo483, @sharliep, @nomvula, @yeninsfer, @mikeylorenzo, @yusaymon.
You are all invited to take part. Feel free to tell your friends!



hola amigo lindo gracias, espero estes muy bien gracias por tu apoyo..

 6 months ago 

De nada. Esta semana el concurso de baile será más interesante.

thank you!!! I will participate in this one! I just have to post in this community, right?

 6 months ago 

Thank you!