I never power down my account

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Dear dance and music lovers

Why do cryptocurrencies go down in value? People just keep selling their holdings.

In July I bought some MintMe.com Coin at $ 0.0019 today the price is $ 0.01168. I did not sell any of the coins that I bought instead I bought other coins on https://www.mintme.com/trading.

I created a coin in July and it cost me around 46,000 MINTME to deploy it on the blockchain. I'm glad I decided to create a coin in July because if I had created it now, it would have cost me much more. You can find my coin on https://www.mintme.com/token/Dance-and-music.

Don't power down your account if you can.

I like to share a dance video since I'm creating a post in the "Dance and music" community.

Dancing to Veridis Quo by Daft Punk - Dancing for fun and relaxation

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading!


In order to work strongly in the world of steamite or blockchain, it is better not to get power down. Thank you very much for your beautiful and constructive post.

Thank you for reading my post!
Have a nice Sunday!

interesante, informacion amigo el mundo de las criptos es volatil que bueno que pudiste realizar tu inversion a tiempo y crear tu propia moneda en este mundo cripto hay que ser muy analitico para poder ver buenos resultados saludos!

Muchas gracias por leer mi publicación!

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