List the posts you upvoted in the past 24 hours - Round 14 - How to enter

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Dear members of this community

This is one of the most useful events in this community but nobody took part in this event this time.

We all need your upvotes. You need to understand that we cannot only rely on other curators' upvotes.
In this community, we need 100 active members with the same voting power as mine and we would be able to raise an average of $ 100 in pending rewards every day.
Unfortunately, it did not happen yet.

How to enter:

1. Create a post in this community!

2. Personalise your post by sharing one of your old dance or music videos at the beginning or at the end of the post.

3. Visit, and upvote as many posts as you can.

4. The title must be, "List the posts you upvoted in the past 24 hours - Round 14 - My entry"

5. In the post, list the posts that you upvoted in the past 24 hours.

6. At the end of the post write the total number of the posts you upvoted.

7. Share your post link along with the total number of the upvoted posts as a comment here.

Prizes can vary. Each participant will receive 3 Dance and music tokens (DAM).

You can exchange DAM for STEEM on

Everybody should support this community with a monthly membership. You don't need to purchase any monthly membership if you are sharing some of your post payouts with me, @donatello or @danceandmusic.

You could send 10 DAM via to @danceandmusic and in the memo box type: October's "Dance and music" membership. You could give a gift to another member if you already have a monthly membership and in this case, in the memo box, type: October's "Dance and music" membership for @anothermemberusername paid by @yourusername.

With all the three accounts that I run, I have upvoted the following posts in the past 24 hours within this community,

  1. @doctorstrips,

  2. @fendie,

  3. @lyon-89,

  4. @lyon-89,

  5. @cricel93,

  6. @apoloo1,

  7. @fendie,

  8. @doctorstrips,

  9. @fransheskaromero,

  10. @benisnice,

  11. @shemzee,

I have also upvoted other posts from other communities.

Note: You can exchange your DAM for STEEM on but you need to understand that someone else will have to buy your DAM. It's the same with any other coins or tokens, someone has to buy them if you keep selling them without buying them.

Part of this post payout will be used to buy back the tokens that you are selling.

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!

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