New Experimental Electro - Synthesis Underground - Grapple Lifetime Lifeline Plus Subspicious Single Out In Stores/Streaming

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Glad I made another little sound!! It's the best thing for me to do right now. I don't want to be stuck in my head or habits so much. Helps me break free to make a new or bended reality. Been having dreams with synchronicities. I must go on this path flow!! I took some time to hang at the coffee shop a couple times. That's where I wrote this tune! Sometimes it takes me getting out somewhere to find that special mood. I'm feeling a breakthrough surge, as always I want to tell the story to someone, to express. I don't know if there are many. I will perhaps tell a story on a future blog to get out some ideas. Now thinking more about putting words with the music soon to just get these ideas and concepts out of my head for someone to hear.

Here is the song!!

I think I will distribute this song so services soon!! Here are the places to find the latest single Subspicious by Synthesis Underground


Thank you for sharing!
I didn't know you create music. Well done!
Please feel free to share your posts and music on

Thanks, I joined the group and followed on Soundcloud

Thank you!

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