Dance contest week 129

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hello good afternoon dear friends my entry for today is a rhythm called calypso here in Venezuela is traditionally heard in carnival times.

The origin of the Calipso Calipso dates back to the time when the Antilleans arrived in Venezuela from the year 1870, they were mainly Trinidadians who were the largest population in the African-American Caribbean, but they also migrated from other Caribbean Caribbean islands in the Caribbean. 19th century, where in particular, most went to the town of El Callao, to work in the gold mines. With his customs came his calypso music with them, which later became very popular in the city, and later in the Bolivar State.1 This popular music is a mixture of genres from Venezuela and the Caribbean and is sung in Spanish and / or Caribbean English. It is closely related to the Carnival festival, a tradition also brought by the people of the West Indies.

The important settlement of labor, near the Yuruari river, converged diverse cultures and with it an infinite number of languages, customs, music and song, among them the calypso and the patuá. Thus, the villagers - of diverse origin - saw in the calypso during the carnival, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of living, of feeling, of transmitting their sorrows and nostalgia and, in some cases, as divine interpretations for the flowering of the gold industry for the people. and

bibliographic source

greetings @donatello hugs from Venezuela

If you wish to participate, please contact the following link.


Well done!
Thank you for creating your post here!

Hello greetings @donatello if I am publishing for this community but I see that I must start with the label I placed Venezuela as the main label greetings thanks ...

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