Sing and Play week 134 - La Vie En Rose by @nastyasam

in Dance and music24 days ago (edited)

Hello to all the beautiful people out there! I hope everyone is well, safe, and happy, but just in case if you feel gloomy, here is a song that will uplift your mood in seconds...

Unfortunately, my French is a bit rusty, so I sing an English version of the song each of you has heard at least once in a lifetime.

Enjoy (or not - it's up to you) and have a great week (this one is for sure)!


That was very nice! you have a sweet voice, and the guitar sounds very good too, this felt like giving a candy to my ears hehe! wish you the best, blessings!

Beautiful contribution, lovely stuff!

beautiful and heartfelt performance!

Friend I was impressed with your wonderful voice. Very nice guitar I love. A GREAT GREETING. <3