Dance into the Current of Life Itself

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rubber souls give way to
flubber souls
more give,
less fixed point in space and time.
morphers splorfers can't thinkof any thing else to say-ers,
because words are not the crux of things

logic leads us astray.
we think too much.
flubber has more give,
it can stretch into diffcult to reach places
thoughtless places
feeling places
connected places
liquidy places

the soles of our shoes point only one way,
but turn an ankle and you can veer off track
into enchantment

don't walk,

dance into the current of life itself


image is a detail of a painting by Chris Randolph


FxX5caie56yqUbvo2DTJv1i6qm8z4ixTabBTrjodFyZCPuFbZDncXQB89jd6mZkWM2QSrq2ahH2DhyyNE1pjQLgqmXzcj4F36iojmAUYgMVQ 2.png

This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is rubber soles.

Come write with us! Anyone can do this! We have attracted quite a few new writers recently. This community is perfect for newbies - actual people read and support your work!!!

Cool contests too! You have the rest of today left to enter this one, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment. Several big winners! Newbies, this contest is for you!

I post this in Dance and Music Community, just because I think @donatello might get a kick or two out of it or maybe even a whole new combination.


I really like your poem.
Thank you for sharing!

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