Online dance contest week 136

My submission for online dance contest 136!


The Tasty Dance is here

This is our warmup for online training at

At online training you can burn some rmsfitness token(you must be the holder os rmsfitness token) the formula is 1((holdings)/1000) = is you have 1000 rmsfitness tokens, you will get 1(1000/1000)=1 rmsfitness token.

Contest in the contest- win 10 rmsfitness tokens

Write in the comments what is the name of the song and who is singing(band).

The contest answer you can find at BLOG

1..2...3... Let's go - the first answer will win!!!


I like the dance. Thank you for taking part!

Thank you! 0.001 rms to you

You are welcome and thank you for RMS.