Concurso "Canto a Capella" Week 06 Participa y Diviértete por @danieldedosd2

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Hola amigas, amigos and @danieldedos2! Buenos días! This is @saneunji. Allow me to post my entry for the a Capella singing contest.

Everybody loves music and so do I.

I am not a pro nor I have any professional background in singing but I do love music. I've been listening to it my entire life. The moment I heard my mother singing when I was 6 yrs old, I've been imitating her and later on joined her in singing. At a very young age I already love and appreciate music.

So today I choose to sing " Saving All my Love For You " by Whitney Houston. This is just a short entry but I hope you like it. By the way, forgive me for the noisy background. I can't help it there are lots of rooster here in my place.
Perdóname por favor.

@hae-ra and @jenny018 I am inviting you to drop your entries too.


Sanaol nice og voice,, but HEeeyyyyy!!! paki mute sa manok dzzaiii,, 😂

Wa najud tay mahimo aning mga manok ngari day...default background..ahhhha