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Hi Steemians, fitness lovers, fans of positive vibes
Today I`m starting a new initiative - MUSIC FOR FITNESS

I composed this uptempo electronic track for exercise , fitness or gymnastics.

The track is called GREAT COFFEE because I sampled the male voice from an old coffee commercial /from the 1950s I think/ and mixed bits of techno, house and a little bit of lounge jazz / from 2:43 on/

Please, show me your workout, exercise , fitness or gymnastics videos
The best videos will be rewarded as follows;

1st place - 10 STEEM
2nd place - 5 STEEM
3rd place – 3 STEEM

This contest will end on 25 APRIL 2021

Stay healthy, stay tuned

 25 days ago 

Wow you`re having great fun here ! WELL DONE indeed

 25 days ago 

Bravo! You`re both so cute! Thank you for participating.

 26 days ago 

Dear @adexander , in order to make a valid entry you have to use the song posted above WORKOUT MUSIC 1 by shemZ. Please, do so because your fitness skills are inspiring and impressing. Congrats, shemZ

Ohhhh... I get it now... Thank you, I'll do that

Video updated

 26 days ago 

Thank you. You did a great job

Hello, greetings to all. Here I leave my entry of the participation:

And here I leave the link of the video:

Andas activo con los concursos hermano, esa es la actitud!
Buen trabajo

 27 days ago 

Gracias. Cuantas más iniciativas positivas, mejores opciones

No dudaré en participar, espero verte bailar pronto amigo.

me encanto esta, motivadora melodia fitness, es movida espero participar saludos con cariño..

Great contest - will you ask people to verify that the videos are their own videos by an announcement of the name and week of the contest at the beginning, or by holding up a sign?

 27 days ago 

No, no need for that. The song is mine, new and cant be found anywhere but here, if they play it while they exercise thats enough