Doodle Magic : Mr. Bananas

in Draw A Day Challenge2 months ago

Hey creative community. This is my doodle participation that I made today using the the shape or doodle drawing provided by @theithei which she posted as a drawing challenge in the community. Such an odd looking shape but it tickles my mind to create this character.

Here is the reference drawing that our friend @theithei had provided . I just flipped it over and thought that it looked like a sausage or banana looking at its tummy that is protruding. You see anything is possible it is up to your own imagination and creativity on what you would want to see and turn this shape into. For me it is a well dressed gentleman that looks like a banana or sausage. It was really fun conceptualizing and creating this character. What about you guys? If you want to give it a try head on over to Draw A Day community and post your drawing. Here is the link to the challenge:


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