My poem, Everyone's feelings are different

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I fell in sorrow and deep down,
A great man heard my sorrows,
His face was very nice, gave me money,
But I didn't have kind words,

Now my sorrow is over and a new day has come,
The money he gave me,
Then I stood up straight and said thank you,
His donation was a blessing to me

I can reveal with lack,
I am not poor, I was made close,
He gave me a house and bread to eat,
He is a form of god to me


A new poetry with new ideas. Which you like after reading
Have a Nice Day.

Thanks for your up-vote, comment and resteemed

 3 months ago (edited)

Amazing poem you shared w/ us , I hope you enjoyed it by sharing your poem w/ us

Pls keep sharing your day w/ us

Have a nice time

thank you @layersinn

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