I think we need new impulses all the time. People get used to everything too quickly and boredom spreads. You saw my last contest. Despite the high prices, there were hardly any participants. Why is that? My answer to this question is laziness.

 4 months ago 

Or perhaps nobody KNEW of the contest?
There is not a good way to be seen here on this platform.
Notifications are a joke and information is sorely lacking.
There seems to be no desire to improve the front end (what the public sees and interacts with), so no matter what the peons do to try and make steem great, we are limited by what the party steering the ship gives us to work with.

I would love to see Steem up with Tron and BTC, but I'm not holding my breath. Team Steem doesn't even talk to us peons, never mind take suggestions.

Before Steem was sold, they made an effort to keep us in the loop with what was happening behind the scenes with andrarchy? posting every now and then, but now we are once again left in the dark like mushrooms.

When Laziness takesover nothing feels Interesting. Let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

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