I got out a bit early but still got over 9X

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I closed this position a little bit early but I still got over 9X my initial investment.

I only bought BAKE COIN as it was paying me 10% APY paid daily on binance. This is also a flexible plan so I could still trade (sell) the coins whenever I wanted to.

So I done an initial BUY and forgot about this position as I only wanted the 10% APY. This was self building my position for me. But as the price has gone up so fast over the last few days I thought, I’ll take the profits (more than 9 TIMES my investment).

If you want to get flexible high paying APY on your crypto check out binance. You can use my link below and get an extra 10% kickback...


Happy Trading, Happy Earning !!!



10% Kickback with link below


10% kickback with link above

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