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Hello dear Steemians,
on the x-mas evening 2020 we made a little walk around our town. The special illumination for x-mas was spectacular. All the old houses from the ages 16, 17 and 18th centurie colored in so much different ways. Sadly no snow, this would have made it perfect. But it was just like that like a dream. The first picture is the market place with its restaurants and the view to the ruin of Wachenburg which is illuminated every night of the year. The Wachenburg ist first mentioned in the 11th centurie and was finally destroyed in the 30 year war in the 17th centurie. Today you can visit ist an its an restaurant in it with snacks for the visitors.


The second picture shows also the ruin of Wachenburg in another view with the red tower of the old townwall. There are 3 towers still standing from the old townwall.


The next picture is our Church at the above center of the marketplace with the large town x-mas tree.


Here is the old museum of town history with relics of the ages. Its free to visit and before corona there were many school classes visiting.


This is one of our old hotels. Not very big but with a special flair.


This picture shows the town hall, the place where my wife and I got married many years ago. Here sits our major and the town administration. Its an old beautiful castle surrounded from a large park.


In this park is the Herrmannshof where flowers and trees from all over the world grow an make an spectecular show during spring. On this pictures you can see the old trees an in violet one of the oldest and largest cedar trees in Germany.


The Cedar tree


I hope you like my pictures. I have many more spectacular photos from around the world that I would like to show you during this damn corona time where we cant travel to the places we love around the world.

Stay healthy. Yours