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I think we have all been in a situation where we got all passionate and bothered. Then proceeded to make hundred of plans about goals we want to achieve by the week and month. We set out planning to accomplish all these goals and then when we start the first thing, we get agitated and throw away everything. Then we just stop the entire plan and get depressed about things and wallow in self-pity.
The reason we can't actually pull through the plans is that we are doing it wrong. We are not supposed to make goals. We are not supposed to make plans on what things we want to accomplish. This will almost always fail. Instead, try making systems of behaviours. Try doing something today. Then do it the next day. Then the next. After a while, you will see all those sand grains have accumulated and you have come much further than you would have if you had only set goals. And at this point, all those accumulations will only thrust you further forward. They say money begets money. This is also true for skills and achievements. Incremental change in behaviour leads to monumental changes in results. Change your behaviour. Set your behaviour to learn and you will achieve.


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