Diamonds are being made within the lab, the worth may come accessible .

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Diamonds are very valuable within the market at the present . However, because it is feasible to form diamonds within the laboratory, its price may come within a couple of decades.

Diamonds are found at a depth of quite one and a half hundred kilometers from the surface , where the temperature is quite 600 degrees Celsius. Scientists can make diamonds within the lab, says Paul Jiminsky, a diamond analyst. The technology of creating diamonds has existed since the fifties and sixties of the last century. However, for an extended time, diamonds like small grains might be made just for use within the industrial sector. Four or five years ago, the technology for creating diamonds improved. As a result, it's now possible to form gem quality diamonds. Its quality is so good that it are often used as ornament.
Lab-made diamonds are like mining diamonds. the standard of this diamond is so good and it's possible to form it so fast that within the future there could also be more diamonds within the hand than within the finger.
Diamonds are not any longer considered a rare substance. However, the special qualities of diamonds are rare. Diamond is formed only of carbon, but its atoms cling tightly to a crystal structure.


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