Walk on an almost endless trail

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Hi, how are you? I will comment on the day I climbed a mountain and ended up on the border of another municipality. My friend and I were planning all this madness, we started meeting in a square and went to the Cantareira National Park in São Paulo. well I can only say that the tour was surreal, a lot of trail, a lot of uphill and nothing

After walking for 2 hours without stopping we arrived at a coat, the water was crystal clear, and very refreshing, I, who am not at all smart, wanted to take a photo looking like a statue.


Well nature is the most beautiful thing and with my little J5 at the time I took this photo of the flowers.


And after walking for another hour, we are dehydrated and almost giving up. We finally got to the other side and I could capture this wonderful view, sorry for the poor quality and enjoy this view with me.




If you read until the end tell me what you found, comment here and have a great day, bye!!.



You have captured beautiful impressions :-).

Thank you!


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