Discover a new World

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Discover a new World

Anyone traveling on the highways in the USA has recently been receiving Messages that don't really fit into the mainstream narrative.
Our smartphones are indeed digital handcuffs and we put them on voluntarily.
A few days ago I was only for one day in an area where there is only forest and meadows. I left my smartphone at home. It's really strange, but after just a few hours, without a smartphone or the internet, you notice how the life energy is changing.

Try that too and you will notice how much the technology holds you captive.



Ave Atque Vale!

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wow new World that's great & i see your every post (peace) means
its various kinds meaning wikipedia

Wow! it is fantastic idea and very useful for all of us when we drive in the beautiful areas.

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The internet is a basic need in today's world, life would be empty without the internet.

Dear @seo-boss your post make a lot of sense: our smart phones actually put us in bondages! We're much addicted to it even more than the food we has affected our physiological, physiological and emotional instability if not with us for one minutes

Smart phones technology are good but then it has affect us tremendously to the extend we cant do without it..

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Nature and the great outdoors do not dance to the same rhythm as our phones and other devices that people have become addicted to.
Sorry to see the floods in Germany. Hope you were not affected :)