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₩€Ł₡Ꮻ₼€ ₮Ꮻ ₳₡₡ᏫɄ₦₮ ฿ᏫᏫ$₮€₹

The boost is ourselves, each and every one.


This community is one that lives from give and take. No matter if you are a small plankton or a fat whale. You are very welcome here.
The goal of this community is to boost each other. Everyone supports the other. Every upvote counts. An upvote has two elements. First the financial aspect and then the psychological aspect. Even an upvote from a Steemian with little SP is still a signal of approval and support.

What connects us in this community is mutual respect and the will to thrive together in this beautiful blockchain.

It may sound like an empty phrase, but together we can achieve more.
This community spans all topics. Everything can be posted here. Crossposts are also not a problem.

The same rules apply here as everywhere on the blockchain:

  • Only publish your own content
  • If your post contains foreign elements, identify the source
  • Be nice to each other!

We have a rank system so that every member can see who is particularly active. This rank system is taken from the game ETQW. An old game that I loved and still play. It may seem a bit military, but it's just an expression of willingness to be active and help others. Even someone with little VP/ SP can achieve a high rank here.

If you like you can add your rank (the graphic) in your signature under each post. It is currently not possible to have a graphic in the title. Only the name for the rank can be inserted there.

Everyone is invited to take part!

Our support ranks

RankBadgeURL to Badge
Private First Classhttps://i.imgur.com/5se6ooF.png
Lance Corporalhttps://i.imgur.com/gyJ5R1Q.png
Staff Sergeanthttps://i.imgur.com/grYDwNR.png
Gunnery Sergeanthttps://i.imgur.com/fn7vNYh.png
Master Sergeanthttps://i.imgur.com/A5GvHtb.png
First Sergeanthttps://i.imgur.com/yeYJIei.png
Master Chiefhttps://i.imgur.com/R5tuBCI.png
Sergeant Majorhttps://i.imgur.com/tymfLfL.png
Third Lieutenanthttps://i.imgur.com/5sKVvxU.png
Second Lieutenanthttps://i.imgur.com/6xV0L1f.png
First Lieutenanthttps://i.imgur.com/oVMDtOo.png
Group Captainhttps://i.imgur.com/B1r9cZc.png
Senior Captainhttps://i.imgur.com/a9rKz1d.png
Lieutenant Majorhttps://i.imgur.com/1jymah9.png
Group Majorhttps://i.imgur.com/Q8xU8n9.png
Group Commanderhttps://i.imgur.com/MSyUjA7.png
Lieutenant Colonelhttps://i.imgur.com/B9JBhU9.png
Major Generalhttps://i.imgur.com/lbBaYzL.png
Lieutenant Generalhttps://i.imgur.com/TX2opMI.png
Commander Generalhttps://i.imgur.com/usf0mfB.png
Field Vice Marshalhttps://i.imgur.com/ByQtQjb.png
Field Marshalhttps://i.imgur.com/Kz3PJol.png
Commander of the Armyhttps://i.imgur.com/YsEeXRQ.png
High Commanderhttps://i.imgur.com/sM8tHl4.png
Supreme Commanderhttps://i.imgur.com/t75KTdo.png

More aboute the ranks: https://steemit.com/hive-119463/@seo-boss/about-the-ranks-and-more

A wish:
It would be a great thing if you could add a rank graph to the community title.

I call for support:
@steemchiller (my best witness)

Let's put the STEEM and TRON where it belongs, right next to the BTC :-).


Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

My better search for STEEMIT: https://bit.ly/steemit-search


Good initiative from you again @seo-boss! May more be joining in! Steem-Tron moving forward stronger!

TY, i hope many will join and also recognize the meaning. A nagative example is the ART community, if I look at the number of members and then how few upvotes people get. That doesn't look like active cooperation. :-(

 13 days ago 

Hello, I am new here. How do I get a rank. Follow me, I'll follow back ASAP

Welcome. To get ranks be active :-).

 12 days ago 

ok thanks.

Great ideas, I encourage more people in this great project

 last month (edited)

Hello friend, I am new. But some years ago I left steem because of the same problem, I was not getting the support and votes, I have come back now that everything changed but I see that it is still the same in terms of support.

That is why I want to congratulate you for this initiative, it is good that someone cares about us newcomers.

Thank you very much for this.

You're right. Many only care for themselves. Everyone should have a chance. Unfortunately, many are too lazy. I don't know how to change that.

 3 months ago 

Waiting for orders... i just join the community now!
Love the ranking system and the badges...

Be active, no other orders :-).

we are waiting for orders

Vote others, comment, promote the community :-).

this is the best way to operate on this platform, that is to do all three things: write articles, comment and vote.

Wow... This is a great initiative and i really want to join.... How can i boost my account and get a rank?

 3 months ago (edited)

Ranks are given by admins or mods :-). Welcome!

Wow... Ready to discharge my duties... I have been ranked now... Thanks

How do people get a rank? I am new

 3 months ago (edited)

Welcome. Only Admins can give you a Rank. The more you are active here and also give other upvotes and comment on them, the faster your rank increases.

Thanks for reply

good initiative

 3 months ago 

This is a great initiative and I am willing and ready to join. I have subscribed and soon to drop my first post here. Great Job.

 2 months ago 

Good initiative man,,, i m feeling proud to be a member of this community..😊😊😊

MY Rank

Hope Up Rank

The day I joined , I was searching for this community ..
Finally found you

What are they for as classifications?

If you mean the ranks? These are an expression of activity :-).

This is a very good idea @Account Booster keep it up Captain 'O my Captain!

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I'm excited to check this group out!

 2 months ago 

Una buena iniciativa @seo-boss

 2 months ago 

Thanks. Now where do I put this little badge thingy?
Oh, there it is :D

 3 months ago 

Awesome! How do I join?

Yes great idea !

 2 months ago 

I enjoy the post even if it is more than a month it's still good. Thanks for the post @seo-boss

 2 months ago 

This will be a great source of help for newbies like me who are still trying figure everything out so thank you mate.

 3 months ago 

Let's put the STEEM and TRON where it belongs, right next to the BTC :-).

Go SteemiTron! ; -)

 last month 

My rank now.

Well Thanks.

 last month (edited)

I have no rank😭😭

 17 days ago 

I count zero posts. Be active and get a higher rank :-).

@seo-boss, Looks like you are putting lot of efforts to Build effective and Supportive Ecosystem. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.

I think we need new impulses all the time. People get used to everything too quickly and boredom spreads. You saw my last contest. Despite the high prices, there were hardly any participants. Why is that? My answer to this question is laziness.

Or perhaps nobody KNEW of the contest?
There is not a good way to be seen here on this platform.
Notifications are a joke and information is sorely lacking.
There seems to be no desire to improve the front end (what the public sees and interacts with), so no matter what the peons do to try and make steem great, we are limited by what the party steering the ship gives us to work with.

I would love to see Steem up with Tron and BTC, but I'm not holding my breath. Team Steem doesn't even talk to us peons, never mind take suggestions.

Before Steem was sold, they made an effort to keep us in the loop with what was happening behind the scenes with andrarchy? posting every now and then, but now we are once again left in the dark like mushrooms.

When Laziness takesover nothing feels Interesting. Let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

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How do you post in the community? Do you just use like an Account Booster hashtag or something?

 17 days ago 

Gratulation zu den ersten 500 Membern!

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What change? @seo-boss

ok, thank you for the helpful post. i have no rank, BUT i will work on it 😬

 3 months ago (edited)

I see you as Lance Corporal :-). You can the rank only see if you into the community "Account Booster".

 3 months ago 

hi seo-boss
can i be assigned as a MOD !
I am returning to be active as before, it would really help me to keep me reacting with the platform - steemit.
really i will .
thank you

Sure :-)

 last month 

thank you for sr. cap.

 last month 

Good film - I advise you to watch it

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 3 months ago 

Thank you seo-boss so much , this is the first real good action done with me in the platform since 2 years.
really thanks

 last month 


 12 days ago (edited)

Too late too saw that you've promoted me. might post later still catching up it's been years and months did not post here in steemit thanks for this opportunity to boost my account. Ow I don't have rank now? I thought you promoted me as Private First class.

 8 days ago 

well written!

 4 days ago 

Hola @seo-boss muy buena iniciativa, soy nueva en esta Plataforma seguire activa y dare lo mejor de mi para seguir avanzando

 3 days ago 

Hola amigo. Me encanta esta iniciativa, ya que nos ayudara como nuevos usuarios en la plataforma.